Thursday, September 27, 2018

Proposal: The Program Base

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 28 Sep 2018 06:59:57 UTC

Add the following rule to the ruleset:

Each program has a “firewall” that may be breached. This design is within a 10x10 grid, where originally the center has four “x” in a square representing the program core. (Starting base picture: This core may have attached defenses or other utilities to it to prevent other programs from taking over the firewall. After this proposal passes, no firewall may be attacked for three days. In addition, every new program that joins this dynasty shall have a three day attack immunity. Each program’s firewall is tracked in a table created either in Excel or Word file (with the link available in the GNDT) that may be publicly viewed, but only changed by the Program owning the firewall, or the emperor of the current dynasty.


Brendan: he/him

27-09-2018 18:42:06 UTC

Seems pretty simple for someone to enlist a friend to register with the name Flynn, if this passes.


27-09-2018 18:44:09 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

27-09-2018 18:53:45 UTC

“Flynn” is the Emperor keyword this dynasty, and we already have “Within the ruleset, a word only refers to the name of an Program if it is explicitly stated that it refers to an Program’s name.” to cover that kind of nonsense, so it would be fine here.

derrick: he/him

27-09-2018 19:01:32 UTC

This rule needs a name.

Brendan: he/him

27-09-2018 19:04:35 UTC

Ah, I’d missed that, my apologies. All the same, this rule seems to try to cover a whole lot of ground without laying much groundwork. And wikipages are usually a better method for tracking visual gamestate, given that, for example, I don’t have a way to create a Word or Excel file.  against


27-09-2018 20:10:15 UTC

yes a wiki page or bunch of subrules would be better and there are a bunch of undefined words there

Kevan: Oracle he/him

27-09-2018 20:23:04 UTC



28-09-2018 00:43:41 UTC