Friday, December 28, 2007

Declaration of Victory: The Results

Passes 7-0. Now to decide who gets to be next…

Adminned at 29 Dec 2007 10:16:17 UTC

I ran the thing like I was supposed to. I won three events, Aaron won three events, Jack tied with me once and spike won one.

In the case of a tie, as was with Aaron and me, we use acorns and I had more acorns. So I achived victory.

I probably messed up somewhere. I wasn’t super careful. But honestly the dynasty was dying so I hope no one is that picky about making me do it totally perfect.

Anyways I don’t even want to host. Aaron was the only one who got close to me, so if he wants to be emporor I’ll pass it off to him assuming this DoV passes. If Aaron doesn’t want to, I’ll leave it open to anyone else who wants it—just post what kind of dynasty you want and I’ll pick my favourite.



12-28-2007 04:27:41 UTC

I defer to Aaron; but I have a dynasty idea that I think could be fun and original.


12-28-2007 04:30:12 UTC

I have a political dynasty that I’d like to try, but only if no one else wants to run one.


12-28-2007 04:31:09 UTC

for ?


12-28-2007 04:33:52 UTC

for This dynasty had a lot of potential but no one to keep it going.

My idea for a dynasty might be somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.


12-28-2007 04:42:34 UTC



12-28-2007 05:13:09 UTC

for left on the sidelines in this mess lol


12-28-2007 05:18:13 UTC



12-28-2007 05:26:37 UTC

whats the lowest number of active players been?


12-28-2007 05:28:14 UTC

lol and i think we all have ideas for the next dynasty


12-28-2007 13:05:35 UTC

I’ve seen it low as five Darknight.


12-28-2007 13:53:00 UTC

for Congrats, Clucky, and thanks for the hard work.


12-28-2007 15:17:38 UTC



12-28-2007 15:34:04 UTC

Dynasty idea: Texas Hold-em Poker dynasty.


12-28-2007 15:54:19 UTC

Texas Hold-em?! That sounds like a totally absurd nomic idea!!

Sounds fun, though.


12-28-2007 16:02:14 UTC

I could see Texas Hold-em being a sub-game within a dynasty but not a dynasty all by itself.


12-28-2007 17:01:46 UTC

Given that this is a nomic, we would likely end up with pot-stealing aliens after every hand, or something simularly absurd.


12-28-2007 17:03:26 UTC

Also, the lowest number I can remember was at the very end of my Dynasty, where we had a mere 3 players left. (There were extraordinary circumstances though, as we had past a mass-idling rule in an attempt to end the Dynasty.)


12-28-2007 17:29:49 UTC

Did Kevan win once by idling everyone other than himself, and then proposing “Kevan wins”?


12-28-2007 17:44:45 UTC

I guess now we are just waiting for 24 hours to pass, right?


12-28-2007 19:45:47 UTC

Yes, Clucky, back in the early days.

I’d like to see another Werewolf-mechanic game, but a poker hybrid could be interesting if we could work out a way to keep track of secret hands of cards.


12-28-2007 21:04:57 UTC

poker eh? make the dynasty a wild west one and add that in lol.


12-28-2007 21:55:53 UTC

Smith and Wesson beats 4 aces.