Friday, July 05, 2019

The Second Campaign: Defense of Homelands

This is campaign number 2. Our battlefields are as follows:

The Royal Swamp: Nearby Aquatic Forest
The Worthless Mountains: poor, poor, sloped
The Caravan City: Nearby Walled Desert

The enemy has struck deep, threatening our homelands. We have the opportunity to stop them at city walls and natural barriers. As we drive them back, it is key to secure the passes in the Worthless Mountains, to prevent our lands from being pillaged. We must prevail!



05-07-2019 15:25:12 UTC

I’ll join in the Royal Swamp.
Swimming Giant Zonkey; Swimming Giant Numbat; Sponge; Swimming Giant Badger


05-07-2019 19:17:35 UTC

The Horde of the Farsighted One claims the honour of holding the high passes of the Worthless Mountains. For the King!
Winged Gaudy Venomous Swan; Armoured Swimming Sponge; Armoured Wild Numbat; Caterpillar.

Kevan: City he/him

06-07-2019 07:50:02 UTC

To the Royal Swamp I send a Numbat, a Venomous Swan, a Swimming Sponge, a Stealthy Swimming Giant Numbat and a Surefooted Armoured Swimming Sponge.


06-07-2019 22:06:10 UTC

The Royal Swamp
Spectral Swimming Winged Giant Zonkey;
Swimming Giant Armored Badger;
Swimming Giant Armored Zonkey;


07-07-2019 07:57:21 UTC

The Druid’s Fanclub have decided to take a break from writing fanfiction and getting high in the woods, and be actually productive for once. Some didn’t get the memo, unfortunately.

The Royal Swamp
Wild Swimming Giant Zonkey;
Wild Swimming Giant Numbat;
Wild Swimming Giant Badger;


07-07-2019 17:26:52 UTC

Cuddlebeam, please resolve question as to whether you are in an incompleted atomic action, (did not pay for breeding) then resubmit the (not yet existent?) fan club.


07-07-2019 18:16:40 UTC

I’m not stuck in an AA, because the rule that would’ve locked me already got fixed at the time that I made my Wild bunch.


07-07-2019 18:51:32 UTC

Actually, you’re right Ty. I got Whelp and Stock mixed up, but I got it fixed. Resubmitting my participation at the campaign now that I’m not mid AA anymore.

Sorry, we had too many mushrooms.

The Royal Swamp
Wild Swimming Giant Zonkey;
Wild Swimming Giant Numbat;
Wild Swimming Giant Badger;


08-07-2019 06:59:48 UTC

Weary from dueling, all of them, but I drive my creatures back toward The Royal Swamp all the same. “No pain, no food!” I shout, to keep them sharp.

It’s a tough but fair share of the load I expect them to bear! After all, I can have them replaced with spectral troops at any time. And that’s just the reminder I switch out with on odd days, or if my lazy swimming badger ever takes to dragging his oversized wings across the barren mountains along the way somewhere. Badgers are always so lazy, guys. I ought to get another zonkey next time; they make great pack animals for long trips!

“Okay, now line up, and dying in battle is no excuse for losing!”

The Royal Swamp:
Winged Fire-Breathing Swimming Giant Armored Numbat;
Swimming Winged Giant Zonkey;
Swimming Giant Winged Badger;
Empty slot

==> 16 10 0 10 0 (expected Strengths)


08-07-2019 08:40:36 UTC

Warning beforehand that I see four elements on Card’s and Farsight’s lists, not five (“Submit an ordered list of 5 elements, each being either a unique creature from in their Stable, or left empty”). If I’m closing the campaign, I’m considering them normal frivolous blog comments and not campaign participation submissions.

(Where the empty slot is matters because its an ordered list, I need to know which slot its in. Im going to assume by precedent that plain reading order counts as it being “ordered”)


08-07-2019 14:36:46 UTC

Emu / Kevan, Kaia, Cuddlebeam and TyGuy

Emu1: 8 / 0, 7, 7, 14
Emu2: 1 / 2, 9, 7, 9
Emu3: 5 / 4, 9, 7, 1
Emu4: 1 / 9, 0, 0, 9
Emu5: 6 / 8, 0, 0, 0

Our dastardly enemies have brought forth a beast of an Emu as their frontline!

Kevan wins!
Kaia loses!
Cuddlebeam loses!
Tyguy wins!


08-07-2019 15:15:09 UTC

The Horde of the Farsighted One reached the barren passes of the Worthless Mountains, but alas, their commander was delayed by a landslide on the eastern slopes, leaving them in disarray. They fled before the approaching army of Emus.

Farsight will fall upon his wizened knees before the king and beg his forgiveness.


08-07-2019 15:25:16 UTC

I will be your friendly neighborhood auditor for this campaign.

Exclusion of card and Farsight is harsh, but technically legal/correct.

Correct values counted for all creature slots listed, (including mine, good catch,) except Kaia’s first:
Spectral 0
Swimming 4
Winged 2
Giant 3
Zonkey == 9, vs 8 for Emu1
Kaia has 3 wins, therefore, and I add the deserved favor. (7+1)

Other favor distributions were correct, but I also add 1 favor to myself, for having alliance with the Queen.

Emu1 destroys all first slot creatures engaged in the conflict, other than my armoured one. I make these changes.