Story Post: The Second Watch (5 comments) Most orders from the previous Watch invalidated, The Red October does some targe

Most orders from the previous Watch invalidated, The Red October does some target practice on square 30.

The second Watch begins at 09:19pm 10/8/19, and ends 09:19pm 12/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch. Sorry for the delay folks, back on track now!

The current Chart:



08-10-2019 20:18:14 UTC

Doesn’t the second Watch begin at the time you make this post? Or are you just stating it in your own timezone there?


08-10-2019 21:46:59 UTC

Ugh, yes thanks Kevan, my timezone is an hour ahead of the BlogNomic clock. I’ll edit the story post accordingly.


08-11-2019 01:38:41 UTC

Glad you brought that up, Kevan, I figured it was a time zone thing. As long as Farsight knows when he may end the Watch, that’s what matters most of all.

Also, note that “An official post may be altered by its author if it is less than two hours old and either no Captain has commented on it or (if it is a Votable Matter) if all comments on it contain no voting icons;” means no edits after Kevan’s comment would be allowed. Kind of a funny rule.

Not that I would know it if Farsight hadn’t mentioned that he was doing an edit.


08-12-2019 08:26:03 UTC

I think you’re 13 hours ahead of the BlogNomic clock, not 1 hour. This Watch ended at 09:18am UTC, not 09:19pm.

[TyGuy6] My comment was made hours later anyway, but I assume the no-comments clause is a combination of basic internet etiquette (you don’t edit your comments after someone has replied to them) and to avoid trickiness when a rule cares about responses to official posts (if I make a “trade offer post” and you accept it with a comment, I shouldn’t be allowed to then edit my trade offer - and we shouldn’t remember to have to add a “no editing after a comment” clause when writing the trade post rule).


08-12-2019 11:12:57 UTC

No it’s my fault, I put pm instead of am, cos I’m an idiot.