Friday, August 31, 2018

Proposal: The Selfish Gene

Times out 3 FOR, 1 IMPERIAL DEF, 2 AGA → 4 FOR, 2 AGA. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 03 Sep 2018 08:47:27 UTC

Add a new paragraph to the “Apes” rule, after the third paragraph:-

Each Ape has a Legacy, being a number tracked in the GNDT.

Add a new bullet point after the second bullet point in the New Generation Event:-

* Increase the Legacies of this Event’s Progenitors by 1.

If “Family Values” failed, replace “this Event’s Progenitors” with “A and B” in the previous addition.

Points for dominating a generation.



08-31-2018 22:44:44 UTC

imperial I like it, but it seems really fools-gold-able?


08-31-2018 22:46:30 UTC



08-31-2018 23:12:08 UTC

[Axemabaro] Fool’s gold is only a problem if you’re spending some other resource (or opportunity cost) to stockpile it. There are no other meaningful resources, or reasons not to take actions, right now.

Or any reasons to take actions, which is why I thought we could use a personal variable that persisted through a Generation Event.


08-31-2018 23:28:42 UTC

for CoV


09-01-2018 05:14:30 UTC

I’m against because its possible for there to only be one person in either the male or female progenitor categories as a result of luck. It might even encourage people to idle to increase a friend’s chance at the Legacy point.


09-01-2018 05:23:44 UTC



09-01-2018 10:49:36 UTC

[card] We should probably fix the gender generation anyway (making it fixed around 50/50 rather than a coinflip for each ape), for the good of apekind. And we’ll have a whole week to propose reactions to whatever genders get rolled on Sunday.


09-01-2018 16:48:10 UTC

well I’ll vote for a reposted version of this proposal once “Six of One” passes and its rule has been used


09-02-2018 10:23:29 UTC



09-02-2018 17:10:51 UTC

for CoV since we seemed to chance upon a generation where there’s a 4/5 split