Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Proposal: The Silver Key

Self-killed. Failed by card.

Adminned at 20 Jun 2017 15:32:17 UTC

Repeal the rule “Ascendance”.

Enact a new rule, “Artefacts”:-

Each Explorer carries zero or more Artefacts, and this is tracked privately by the Expedition Leader. Whenever an Explorer gains an Artefact, the Expedition Leader should privately inform them of this.

An Explorer may give an Artefact they are carrying to another Explorer in the same Location by privately informing the Expedition Leader of this. An Explorer who is not a Cultist may destroy an Artefact they are carrying by privately informing the Expedition Leader of this; upon doing so, the Explorer stops carrying it.

If a Cultist has a number of Artefacts equal to a quorum of Cultists, and is at the Mountain Camp, and is not at Gunpoint, then that Cultist has achieved victory.

If three Artefacts have been destroyed, then the Explorer to have destroyed the most Artefacts (breaking ties in favour of the Explorer to have destroyed an Artefact most recently) has achieved victory.

Give each Cultist one Artefact (but the Expedition Leader need not inform them of this gain).

Per my comment on the previous proposal, trying an endgame more interesting than “Cthulhu rises, nobody wi—*cough* everybody wins!”, as I suspect the Cultists might just be working silently towards expanding their number to quorum, instead of making any game noise.



06-20-2017 08:49:23 UTC

This kind of makes an immediate 3-way coin-toss victory a thing (or just 2 with a Handyman, which I am and nobody else is, because Gaelan, the only other one, has idled.)

I’m available for a (2-way) coin-toss with someone else. Just PM me and let me know. for


06-20-2017 09:02:18 UTC

(Could be a bit of an enactment-race though, but oh well.)


06-20-2017 09:12:36 UTC

How is this an immediate victory without a Handyman?

against (Because of the immediate victory with a Handyman.)


06-20-2017 09:15:03 UTC

3 people agree to a cointoss. For example, you, me and John Doe. We roll a 1d3, if we get a 1, you get to break all of our artefacts, if a 2, I get to, if a 3, John gets to.


06-20-2017 09:16:27 UTC

Not really a “coin”-toss lol (being a 1d3 and all) but its very similar to that idea.


06-20-2017 09:23:26 UTC

You’d need four people: only Cultists start with artefacts, and only non-Cultists can smash artefacts.


06-20-2017 10:35:25 UTC

I know this is now self-killed, but I’d be for

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

06-20-2017 13:45:45 UTC