Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Ascension Address: The Snowpocalypse Upon Us

Day 142

It’s starting to seem like the snow is never going to end… the power went out a month ago, and I have a feeling it’s not coming back on again. We should be in the middle of summer right now, and yet here we are slowly freezing to death. My fellow villagers and I have been reduced to spending our days huddling around the fire. We’re down to our last pallet of wood. I can only hope this ends before one of us has to endure this apparently infinite blizzard to go cut some more.

Repeal all dynastic rules.
The theme for the dynasty shall be “Snowed In”.
Change the gamestate tracking page to “Quiet Village”.
Change the synonym for Player to “Villager” and the synonym for Emperor to “Blizzard”.


JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

08-02-2023 18:34:35 UTC

Can you change the Special Case rules without a Proposal? I see that you changed Alliances to Inactive.


08-02-2023 18:39:32 UTC

Don’t they all get set to their default states on ascension? I was going off “When a new Dynasty is started, the Ascension Address may list any number of existing Special Case Rules to be set to a status other than their respective Default Status. All other Special Case Rules are set to their respective Default Status.”

Benbot: he/him

08-02-2023 19:11:20 UTC

I unidle

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

08-02-2023 19:48:58 UTC

@Habanero: you’re absolutely right, I missed that. I guess I’ve been used to people stating this explicitly in their AA and didn’t realize that this is spelled out as part of the Special Case rule.

Josh: he/they

08-02-2023 22:24:30 UTC

Habanero, any statement on imperial style?


08-02-2023 23:39:41 UTC

@Josh, here are my thoughts on the Imperial Styles:
- Definitely a Gardener when it comes to proposals
- Most likely Libertarian in terms of player protection, though per Brendan’s comment on the discord the theme of the dynasty lends itself quite well to the Villagers cooperating against the Blizzard, so if the dynastic rules start to look a lot like that I may act as an Adversary
- I would probably rather a Casual workload, it is my first dynasty so I’d prefer to start a bit simpler owing to my inexperience rather than having to process many complex game actions
- Definitely Scam-Averse, though I’m not particularly good at spotting scams so I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to get one past me
- Definitely Guarded in terms of information sharing
- I’ll try to be as Methodical as possible

Josh: he/they

08-02-2023 23:56:08 UTC

Thank you!