Monday, March 01, 2010

The Switch never happened…

...but it is, right here, right now.

The ruleset and gamestate of the nomic originally played at hereby become the same as the ruleset and gamestate of the nomic played at, including the location (i.e. that the game is played at; this is a matter related to the Switch, and therefore binding on the nomic at (although irrelevant to itself).

The Switch never happened before now; the proposal to make it happen failed. However, the ruleset of said (up to this moment) that it deferred to in all matters relating to the Switch, which happens to be a redirect to this page. So, the mere existence of this post causes the Switch to happen in an orderly manner, with the gamestate and ruleset of the original BlogNomic becoming identical to the gamestate and ruleset we’re playing by now. Historical mistake fixed, everyone happy!



03-01-2010 14:51:37 UTC

And the crowd goes wild! /o/

On a different note, wasn’t the BlogSpot blog accidentally deleted?


03-01-2010 14:54:09 UTC

Yes, the player “Gobleteer” was deleting his BlogSpot account one day, long after he left the game, and misread an “Are you sure you want to delete all blogs associated with this account?” question.

It’s pretty much searchable in, though. We should work out if there’s an easy way to scrape all the content out of and host it on this domain somewhere.


03-01-2010 15:02:46 UTC

I’ve requested an retrieval from this tool for recovering lost websites, I’ll see what I get.


03-01-2010 15:27:02 UTC

That would be nice.


03-01-2010 16:21:04 UTC

I’m currently retrieving using that same tool, and it’s working fine up to now. =)


03-01-2010 22:17:13 UTC

Lol wheres Wak when ya need him? He’s our resident historian.


03-02-2010 02:52:13 UTC

Darknight: You’re thinking of Qwaz.


03-02-2010 02:53:17 UTC

Oh? Eh, either or.


03-02-2010 12:53:31 UTC

Yeah, I’m not necessarily buying the “switch didn’t happen” thing (there were multiple proposals at the time concerning the issue, some of which definitely passed) but I would be glad to see what ais is talking about. I don’t feel that we need to be concerned at this time.


03-02-2010 14:11:58 UTC

@Qwazukee: the issue is that the proposals passed in the new nomic, not the old one. But it should all be sorted out now, I think. (The Switch eventually happened informally, with people abandoning the old nomic and moving to the new one, rather than formally with a changeover.)


03-02-2010 15:01:44 UTC

The old nomic passed a proposal in the end merging itself into the nomic on this site. That should have taken care of this issue?


03-02-2010 16:09:27 UTC

Didn’t this cover it?


03-02-2010 16:19:00 UTC

@Kevan: IIRC, there was a rule at the time that prevented itself being repealed by anything but the Switch Document, so that proposal either had no effect (in which case this is necessary), or failed to repeal the rule in question (in which case this is still necessary). It’s so hard to match up historical rulesets with historical proposals, though, so I may be wrong.