Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Third Campaign: Approaching the City

This is campaign number 3: our battlefields are as follows:

Subterranean Falls: sloped aquatic underground
Island Fortress: sloped walled aquatic
Royal Forest: forest nearby level

The enemy assault continues. We lost near the desert, but our aquatic defenses remain strong. We should push through the subterranean falls to secure an avenue of attack. We also need to take care of enemy forces ravaging our lands. We cannot loose this war!



10-07-2019 16:14:55 UTC

The Farsighted Horde begs the King for the chance to reclaim their honour. They march through the night to take up their positions in the Royal Forest, eager for a chance to meet the foe in battle.

Having recovered his composure since the debacle in the Worthless Mountains, Farsight twirled his moustache and sprinkled his caterpillar with a steaming red potion, transforming it from a docile leaf-muncher to a snarling predator.

1. Winged Gaudy Venomous Swan
2. Caterpillar
3. Armoured Wild Numbat
4. Giant Armoured Badger
5. Tactic - Pack Hunting Caterpillar


11-07-2019 04:38:44 UTC

I idle, quorum remains 5


11-07-2019 05:57:16 UTC

[Card] see you on the other side!


12-07-2019 22:06:15 UTC

To battle! I send the following unstoppable team to demolish the Island Fortress:
Swimming Winged Giant Zonkey;
Swimming Winged Giant Emu;
Swimming Giant Winged Badger;
Winged Fire-Breathing Swimming Giant Armored Numbat;

Expected Strengths: 11 11 11 16 0

Kevan: City he/him

13-07-2019 08:51:25 UTC

My numbat swims out to the Island Fortress, gripping a wild sponge in its teeth while it’s trailed by two others. Slots are:

1. The “Pack Hunting Sponge” Tactic;
2. Stealthy Wild Sponge;
3. Swimming Sponge;
4. Stealthy Swimming Giant Numbat;
5. Surefooted Armoured Swimming Spong.

Kevan: City he/him

13-07-2019 09:01:31 UTC

Hum, a small copypaste error there. To the Island Fortress!

1. The “Pack Hunting Sponge” Tactic;
2. Stealthy Wild Sponge;
3. Swimming Sponge;
4. Stealthy Swimming Giant Numbat;
5. Surefooted Armoured Swimming Sponge.


13-07-2019 12:02:36 UTC

tfw Giant Cuddlebeam:

Island Fortress for me.

1 - Giant Wild Numbat
2 - Giant Wild Zonkey
3 - Giant Wild Sponge
4 - Combat Wizard
5 - Empty


13-07-2019 14:57:00 UTC

I close this campaign. Emus are at 1, 6, 6, 3, 10.


13-07-2019 15:00:06 UTC

Farewell, my friend the Mole! I drew ye just in time. Gaining 8+1 favor. Everyone else, I’m hurrying out the door, do your own.


13-07-2019 18:12:48 UTC

Hello, some red tape here. Its name is “Pack Hunting X”. No Tactic with the name “Pack Hunting” exists.

Kevan and Farsight didn’t participate, and lose 2 Favor. I lose my battle and get no favor.

Kevan: City he/him

13-07-2019 18:29:25 UTC

The rule in question asks to players to “fill one of that list’s Creature slots with a Tactic”, it doesn’t explicitly specify “a Tactic’s name” or any particular format for this.


14-07-2019 06:54:27 UTC

Cuddlebeam wrote this rule, and now he’s policing it’s odd usage via GNDT. Does nobody want to make that an issue?

Kevan: City he/him

14-07-2019 10:00:20 UTC

Haven’t got time to write a CfJ right now, but should get this clarified.

If Cuddlebeam wants some red tape, it’s worth noting that Tactics are game entities with names, panache requirements and effects, so a pedantic reading of “fill a slot with a tactic” would require the full tactic to be placed there, not just its name.

Kevan: City he/him

15-07-2019 08:05:04 UTC

Since we’re still at the stage of one player having made a disputed GNDT update, and Cuddlebeam was chatting on Slack yesterday without making further comment on this thread, I’ll just go ahead and update the GNDT.

My team’s on 0/5/7/9/11, which is three wins. Instead of losing 2 Favor I should have gained 8.


15-07-2019 08:24:22 UTC

I’m updating derrick’s favor to -2 now, to reflect the unsuccessful campaign.