Monday, August 12, 2019

Story Post: The Third Watch

Several new Vessels have been built this Watch, along with two unsuccessful dives (due to the proposal Outfitting the Fleets).

The third Watch begins at 12:48pm 12/8/19, and ends 12:48pm 14/8/19; Orders to the Admiral before the end of the Watch.

For the current Chart, see the Admiral’s Log.



08-12-2019 15:34:17 UTC

Was the “two or more Vessels would occupy the same square” check skipped by mistake, or are we treating the combination of “Battleships have an Armour Value of 6” and “Battleships have a default Armour Value of 6” (which looks like an oversight in an earlier enactment) to mean “Battleships always have 6 Armour and ignore damage, we are all invincible and it’s a miracle”?


08-12-2019 16:22:10 UTC

No that was my mistake, thanks Kevan, I’ll hotfix the chart and the GNDT.


08-12-2019 16:37:06 UTC

Hotfix: The Chart and the GNDT have been changed to reflect the correct armour values of T1(N){1} and M1(N){3}. Apologies for the inconvenience.


08-12-2019 19:01:26 UTC

Awesome. I notice that we have exactly one ship for each type, now! Guess there wasn’t an obvious best choice for everyone!

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