Thursday, December 18, 2008

Story Post: The truth is something you cannot have

December 18, 3:35 PM

“Hello, Jason” says the old antiquarian, the guy named Arthexis. He was the kind of man that was easily overlooked, and yet always liked it that way. The man holds Jason’s wallet in his hand and Jason’s DDF ID in his other hand. “Sorry that I had to take this, but I wanted to have a word with you…”

Jason takes a step forward, frowning, mouth opening slowly as he begins to say something, only to be interrupted by the war veteran again. More specifically, by an old WWII rifle getting pointed at his head by the war veteran. “No need to say anything, just to shut up and listen.” Arthexis smirks, “I am not planning on using this as long as you play along. And playing along is simple enough, just stay quiet and come back here: there is something I must show you”

Jason continues frowning, noticing how the apparently old rifle is indeed in good enough condition to get a bullet across his skull. Trying to think how to get out of this one, he has no choice but to follow the old man into a shady, musky chamber where the old man kept his relics, those to rare to be left out with the rest and handled by the tourists. “In that chest, open it up please, and take a good look at whats inside.”

Jason nods, trembling just a little as his hands touch the sides of the chest, yet trying to hold his fear inside like a real man ought to do. Certainly, he has a bad feeling about the chest. A ‘deja vu’ if you wanna call it that way. “I do not work for Shade. But I do have something that is his. Something an even higher power wants. The funny thing is that I have it and they don’t know it. Rodlen wanted it too, and he even tried to kill me to get it. But he thought Shade had taken it first and let me to die behind.” Jason opens the chest, his eyes go wide in awe.

“You understand now, right? Goodbye Jason, this is the only way I can protect you now.”

Arthexis kills Jason.



18-12-2008 03:31:46 UTC

YEAH! Go Arthexis! Jason must die!