Friday, September 24, 2021

Ascension Address: The Uprising

Angling and zooming the cameras up from the shapeless white glow of the palace, the infrared glare balanced out and Comms Director Alger could see further packs of drones swarming through the smoke clouds.

Hillman didn’t look up from the service panel. “So is this an attack or a liberation?”

Alger switched the camera feed. “Unclear.” Military drones were skimming over the city towards Earthlink Tower. Their callsigns had all been scrambled, but the silhouettes were unmistakable. Rangefinder numbers span down on Alger’s monitor, a few turning green as she watched. “Barrels aren’t hot. But they’re not in weapons range yet. Maybe five minutes.”

“Defence control is only three floors up.” said Hillman, “If the grid isn’t up already, I can bring it online.”

Hillman closed up the panel and stood back. With a melodious ping, the executive elevator doors slid open, revealing a plushly carpeted chamber that was only three feet lower than it should have been. “See, I told you they—”

And all the lights went out.

Change the term “Cell” to “Citizen” and “Ministry of Information” to “Drone”. Change the dynastic tracking page to “Earthlink Tower”.

The main focus for this dynasty, given Discord discussion of the imbalance of proposals during the last dynasty, is to encourage more proposals. Specifically, I want to see what happens if we try a round where most or all of the game actions happen through proposals (where if you want to go up three floors, you have to convince the group to vote for a proposal that includes that outcome). I’m not going to draw any bright red veto-strength lines around that, but will be broadly against anything that tries to move gameplay into more traditional “once per day, move up one floor” territory - proposals should be the heartbeat of this dynasty.

This dynasty’s informal imperial style is probably Gardener/Laissez-Faire/Powerhouse/Scam-Neutral.


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