Tuesday, October 20, 2009

[Theft] [United Nomics] Nomics are people, too

Create a subrule of Ruleset Theft titled “Members” with the following text:

Any nomic may become a member Player of United Nomics Blognomic by having their Ambassador post a message to the group stating its intent to join.

Because it would be quite interesting in this Dynasty to have other nomics become temporary players.



10-20-2009 19:11:23 UTC



10-20-2009 19:18:21 UTC

Redoing as a Proposal, opps.


10-20-2009 19:18:30 UTC

This is not a proposal.


10-20-2009 19:20:58 UTC

It’s sometimes tempting to add an “If no Player has commented on it” exception for certain sentences; I noticed this twenty minutes ago, but couldn’t say anything without locking the proposal down.


10-20-2009 19:24:25 UTC

I like how I realized it wasn’t a Proposal just 9 seconds before you typed it, Kevin….

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 01:38:36 UTC

Categories can only be changed within 5 minutes of a post, IIRC.