Saturday, April 18, 2009

Proposal: “Then We Got the Bomb

Then Russia got the bomb, but that’s okay, because the balance of power’s maintained that way!  Oh, and said balance of power required this proposal to be SKed. —Rodlen

Adminned at 18 Apr 2009 21:32:57 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule titled “Who’s Next”,

There exists a GNDT section known as the “Countdown” section, for which all scripters have a value of -, save the NPC scripter “The Bomb”. There also exists an NPC scripter, who exists only in the GNDT, named (and known as) “The Bomb”. The NPC scripter known as “The Bomb” shall, in all GNDT sections except for the name and “Countdown” sections, have a value of -, and has no voting power or posting power, does not raise quorum, and does not count as a scripter for any rules other than this one. Should no proposals have been made for 48 hours when a hiatus has not been going on or no Blognomic posts whatsoever been made for 24 hours since the value for the “Countdown” section in the GNDT for “The Bomb” has last been decremented even if a hiatus has been going on, then it may be decremented by 1 by any non-idle scripter, who is required to make a story post describing this action. The “Countdown” value for “The Bomb” begins at 10. If the “Countdown” value for ‘The Bomb” is ever legally decremented to 0 or below, the most popular scripter (according to GNDT values) is considered to have achieved victory.

cuz we love peace and ‘brotherhood’.”

P.S. Anyone want to fix the spell check to accept “scripter” as properly spelled?


Josh: he/him

18-04-2009 16:58:03 UTC

against It doesn’t seem like a very satisfying way to end the dynasty. If it dies then it dies, we can just end it via proposal or CfJ, but this guarantees a slow, lingering death.


18-04-2009 20:29:37 UTC

against Something like this was tried a couple of dynasties ago; IIRC, they repealed it again. Also, the GNDT is a pretty awful place to store that…

Darknight: he/him

18-04-2009 21:17:43 UTC



18-04-2009 21:31:49 UTC

against I think there are more awesome ways to end this dynasty… like something to do with a final act that decides who wins or loses.

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2009 21:33:51 UTC

The GNDT is a good place to keep it, because everyone is able to update the GNDT. (I think the previous Bomb had an unworkable “tracked in the sidebar and just gets decremented by itself somehow” mechanic.) There’s no need to actually make the Bomb a fake Scripter and add a new stat, though.

And I can’t tell if the sprawling “48 hours or 24 hours” sentence is a scam or an oversight; it says “(if no proposals in 48 hours) or (if no posts in the 24 hours since the Bomb was decremented) then (decrement Bomb)”, which means you can decrement it ten times in a millisecond, under the first clause.

against, as per other bombs, anyway, because we already have perfectly good ways to end dwindling dynasties.


18-04-2009 21:50:37 UTC



18-04-2009 22:26:18 UTC

against  s/k