Thursday, March 31, 2022

Proposal: Theses Pieces

Enacted 7-0. Josh

Adminned at 04 Apr 2022 11:38:44 UTC

Add a new rule called “Theses” to be the follow, or if such a rule already exists remove everyone’s Thesis, then update its text to be the following

A Thesis consists of five different Probulator Functions, one output for each of those functions, and a salt which is a flavor text string which can be any value. A Thesis Hash Base is constructed by concatenating the name of each function in a given thesis with its output in said thesis, concatenating all five of those together, and then appending the salt. For example if a thesis consisted of the following:

Qubit Entanglement - Output 0
Quantum-Economic Indicator - Output: 3.14
Wavefunction Observation - Output: 136
Emotion Engine - Output: Sad
Hype Machine - Output: 9

Salt - Redrum

Then the Thesis Hash Base for the example Thesis would be “Qubit Entanglement0Quantum-Economic Indicator3.14Wavefunction Observation136Emotion EngineSadHype Machine9Redrum”

The Thesis Hash is the sha256 hash of a Thesis Hash Base (for the above example thesis, it would be 734222870f7a3a832dcb1ce33a0df6c28cf4c8a4fa997b68fa5790e97475bd21).

Each Researcher may have a Thesis and may change their Thesis at any time, being sure to update their Thesis Hash Base. The Thesis Hash of a Researcher’s thesis is publicly tracked (if a Researcher has no Thesis, they also have no Thesis Hash). By Default, a Researcher has no Thesis. Thesis and Thesis hash bases are privately tracked by their Researcher. If a Thesis Hash Base is out of sync with what a Researcher claims their Thesis is, it is the Thesis Hash Base which is considered to be the proper value and the researcher’s Thesis is considered to be invalid.

If a Researcher has a valid Thesis, and their Thesis has not been changed (including setting it from having previously had no thesis) for the past week they attempt to Declare Dominion Over Randomness by performing the following atomic action:
- Make a post to the blog publicly declaring their Thesis
- For each Probulator Function in their Thesis, use the Probulator to determine an outcome
- If each generated outcome exactly matches the output for that function in the thesis, the Researcher performing the action has successfully declared dominion over randomness and achieves victory in the current dynasty
- If not, the Researcher performing the action has their Thesis set have no Thesis.


SingularByte: he/him

01-04-2022 06:54:34 UTC


Josh: he/they

01-04-2022 08:11:18 UTC


Chiiika: she/her

01-04-2022 20:09:53 UTC



02-04-2022 03:23:31 UTC



02-04-2022 07:22:38 UTC

Hmm, one potential issue I realized; this says “For each Probulator Function in their Thesis, use the Probulator to determine an outcome” but I’m not sure that that’s well-defined in the current rules; when Object Oriented Materials ( moved the Forecast Outputs out of the ruleset and into the Materials table, it also made it so that each Material has its own separate Forecast Outputs for each of its Functions, so I’m not sure if there’s a well-defined way to use the Probulator without a specific Material.  I’m not going to change my vote but I’m probably going to submit a patch later unless there’s something I’m overlooking.

Thunder: he/him

03-04-2022 18:04:57 UTC

for Time to manipulate the S&P.

Roujo: he/him

03-04-2022 22:38:52 UTC