Thursday, April 06, 2006

TheSmokingMan has arrived

In the middle of a quiet, moonless night, a dark carriage pulled by two black horses silently pulls up to the Monastery of the Angry Grasshopper. A man emerges, dressed in a dark cloak, a pipe in his mouth, and heads straight for the gate. The carriage disappears into the night, as soundlessly as it arrived. The man hands the monastery guard some papers - the words “TheSmokingMan, arrival as per Law 1.2” can be made out on the first page. The guard starts to say something, ask something, but TheSmokingMan is already heading to the main monastery building. The second page in the pile of papers starts telling a long story about how TheSmokingMan repented, realized the folly of his ways and decided that a lifetime in God’s service as a Monk is just what he needs. Somehow, the guard doesn’t quite beleive this…



04-06-2006 13:24:25 UTC