Saturday, December 09, 2006

Proposal: Thirst problem

Bucky seemed to imply I needed to actually veto these.—Clucky

Adminned at 10 Dec 2006 18:31:57 UTC


All Students have a Thirst level, which can be any whole number.

in the Thirst section with

All students have a Thirst level, which can be any positive whole number or 0.

This is so you can’t get into negative thirst.


Elias IX:

12-09-2006 22:58:52 UTC

To avoid embarrassment, I’m not going to say anything about whether this is legal or not, but this /is/ alethiophile’s third proposal.


12-09-2006 23:32:06 UTC

Ah, but the first pending proposal by alethiophile was not legal, therefore this is the second.



12-10-2006 02:18:52 UTC

Actually, it was, given that my name was on the sidebar during the pending period. And why wouldn’t it be legal to have three proposals?


12-10-2006 12:10:26 UTC

“...unless the Student already has 2 Proposals pending, or has already made 3 Proposals that day…”
I would vote FOR this if not for the hiatus.


12-11-2006 02:29:08 UTC

Can’t have old rules affecting new stuff, can we?  veto (Is this actually needed? I guess it doesn’t really matter at the present, but for future reference…)