Saturday, April 03, 2021

Thirty-Ninth Game: Raven1207 vs Brendan

Raven1207 is the starting player.

Raven1207 and Brendan are both wearing Bonanno Masks.

The Grand Canal is the Lightning. The Bersaglio is 21. Active Tricks: Il Toro, L’Aria, Il Verme, Il Corpo Celeste, L’Ossa and Il Propore.

(The Environment)


Brendan: HE/HIM

03-04-2021 17:50:54 UTC

Good luck Raven!

Josh: HE/HIM

03-04-2021 17:52:42 UTC

I’ll bet on Brendan; Juice is 3.


03-04-2021 18:41:35 UTC

I also bet on Brendan whilst the juice is 3.

lemonfanta: SHE/HER

03-04-2021 23:55:13 UTC

call me a bandwagoner but i’m gonna be betting on brendan while the juice is 3 as well.


05-04-2021 13:59:35 UTC

Game closed, 48 hours have passed without Raven taking their turn, while it was their turn.

Brendan gains 1 Peg and 1 Magistrelli; Raven loses 1 Peg.

Each player gains 2 Pegs from Masks. Bonanno gains Moda.

Raven1207: HE/HIM

05-04-2021 18:32:30 UTC

Sorry about that,

It’s just hard with multiple games at once and with jumble not doing anything

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