Saturday, May 20, 2017

Call for Judgment: This can be agreed upon at least

Times out, 2-3. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 22 May 2017 21:05:11 UTC

Add to the “Fair Play” list:

*Repeatedly and or frequently timing out Atomic Actions.



20-05-2017 20:47:35 UTC

I believe that it feels “unfair” because it’s not an intuitive use of the mechanic (which could be said for all scams but oh well).

I think this is an incomplete solution to the problem because the Timeout scam would still be doable - but with just <em>one<em> iteration instead of ad nauseum. (There is no repetition or frequency if its just one, I believe). Which in the case of a “roll a 1d2” step for example, it could be decisive.

I’ll suggest another mechanics-based fix instead of a subjective one. I think that could be more robust that the ‘feeling’ of it being fair or not (because it can’t be outmaneuvered).

Oracular rufio:

20-05-2017 20:56:43 UTC

It was shown in Viv’s dynasty that no one considers that rule to actually be binding.  I’ll vote for the one that makes it impossible to do the action for the next week if it timed out.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

20-05-2017 21:12:59 UTC



21-05-2017 06:18:51 UTC

“because it’s not an intuitive use of the mechanic”
More like it was not the intent of whoever first drafted Atomic Actions (Viv I think) for them to be used as a way of manipulating dice rolls or preforming actions and then not having them count.

That’s why the sentence “In addition, the Manager performing an Atomic Action should perform its steps as quickly as they are able.” exists in that rule.


21-05-2017 12:13:17 UTC

against Timing out atomic actions by itself doesn’t seem like intrinsically unfair play to me. The problems we had were a combination of not using dice rolls expeditiously (like listed in [1]) and not doing things that the ruleset says you “should” do, both of which seem more fundamentally like fair play.



21-05-2017 12:17:04 UTC

against Voting now that a bunch of time has passed.


22-05-2017 20:43:51 UTC

against per pokes