Monday, May 26, 2008

Proposal: This Dynasty Just Keeps Getting Planar and Planar

timed out, final vote 2-5—Yoda

Adminned at 27 May 2008 18:40:15 UTC

Create a dynastic rule titled “Summoning” with the following text:

Each DDA member has a statistic “Summoned Planar Entity” (abbreviated “SPE”), tracked in the GNDT, whose only legal values are “-” and the name of any Planar Entity named in the “Planar Entities” wiki page.  A DDA member (the Summoner) may, if he does not already have a summoned Planar Entity, summon a non-contained Planar Entity that is not already summoned by another DDA member by setting his SPE to the name of that Planar Entity.

A DDA member may, as a daily action, perform the ability of the Planar Entity that he has summoned, unless specified otherwise in the text of the ability.

120 hours (5 days) after a DDA member has summoned a Planar Entity, if that Planar Entity has not been contained, that Planar Entity ceases to be summoned and the DDA member’s SPE statistic is set to “-”.  If a summoned Planar Entity ever becomes contained, it ceases to be summoned and its Summoner’s SPE statistic is set to “-”.

Add the following text to the end of the rule 2.2 Planar Entities:

Planar Entities may also have special abilities that affect the Gamestate.

Add the following text to the end of the sub-rule 2.1.2 Containment:

120 hours (5 days) after a Planar Entity has been contained, it ceases to be contained and the text “(Contained)” shall be removed from the Planar Entity’s entry in the “Planar Entities” wiki page.

If the proposal “Now, let’s try something else” passes, repeal the sub-rule “Management” of rule 2.2 Planar Entities and replace “non-contained Planar Entity” in the rule “Summoning” with “non-contained Allied Planar Entity”.

If the proposal “You’re such a flatlander” passes, replace the text of the sub-rule “Restriction” of the rule 2.1 Container Fields with “A contained Planar Entity may not use its ability for as long as it is contained.”


arthexis: he/him

26-05-2008 02:32:30 UTC

imperial My original intention was to allow DDA Members to control Enemy Planars, in order to play both sides of the conflict at once. With that in mind, I would vote against this proposal, but right now, I’ll stand behind whatever the Commander thinks about it, instead.


26-05-2008 03:13:29 UTC

for woot


26-05-2008 03:19:20 UTC

against I think it would be more fun with Arthexis’s rules.

Darknight: he/him

26-05-2008 04:31:16 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

26-05-2008 07:19:59 UTC



26-05-2008 10:15:04 UTC

against We need someone to play the enemies, otherwise we’d have to have complex rules to make them t all interesting.


26-05-2008 20:38:04 UTC

What’s wrong with complex rules?  This is nomic.


27-05-2008 11:13:32 UTC

Mmmm, well, if those kinds of rules are plausible, you’d better hope to some deity I never actually win a round…

Maybe this should be reproposed after the space combat proposal - which is involving Planar Entities and wouldn’t enjoy having them stolen by way of containment - is either passed in whatever form, or definitely isn’t happening.


27-05-2008 17:09:55 UTC

Well, those kinds of rules are plausible (as long as you can get them passed, of course).