Friday, December 17, 2010

Declaration of Victory: This is getting silly

Passed, 11-1. Ascension address coming soon. Josh

Adminned at 18 Dec 2010 10:52:47 UTC

As per rule 2.8



17-12-2010 11:04:53 UTC

Ha! Awesome. You deserved it more anyway. for

Although I might have something planned that will make things even sillier…

Josh: Announcer he/him

17-12-2010 11:05:28 UTC




17-12-2010 11:08:04 UTC

I agree that my attempt was really unfair (and somewhat unethical of me), by the way, but I couldn’t just not abuse the glaring loophole when I saw that it was still there.


17-12-2010 11:08:34 UTC

for Incontrovertible.  Brilliant.

Josh: Announcer he/him

17-12-2010 11:09:52 UTC

I wouldn’t call it unethical. I would have done the same thing in your shoes. Well. I did. (I was just annoyed because I’d just typed out a long response that was instantly moot ^_^ )


17-12-2010 11:28:05 UTC

for That was fun to observe.


17-12-2010 12:01:46 UTC



17-12-2010 15:18:37 UTC



17-12-2010 18:20:11 UTC

for Good Gravy. You stop paying attention for two days and you come back and it’s a game of ” ‘I shot you!’ ‘No you didn’t! I shot you!’ ” but with logic! Man, I love this game.

Clucky: he/him

17-12-2010 19:05:26 UTC

for whatever. want to say non-idle


17-12-2010 20:20:20 UTC

for Ok, wow, what has seriously happened??? I will say like the others, that was brilliant.


17-12-2010 21:26:52 UTC


This totally does not work. Use common sense.


17-12-2010 21:54:38 UTC

I think part of the appeal of this game is that logic-in-a-vacuum supersedes common sense though


18-12-2010 04:16:23 UTC

From #nomic:

21:44 <@Ienpw_III> CallForJudgement: blognomic has turned into agora
21:46 <@CallForJudgement> it’s turned into B
21:46 <@CallForJudgement> scams that ridiculous don’t fly at Agora
21:46 <@CallForJudgement> in that, there’s only one sensible interpretation of the rule
21:46 <@CallForJudgement> and it definitely is a valid interpretation
21:47 <@CallForJudgement> that is, that everything worked
21:47 <@CallForJudgement> and BlogNomic’s rules just don’t hold up to playing it B-style
21:47 <@Ienpw_III> I agree
21:47 <@Ienpw_III> blognomic is too spirit-over-letter for this scam, I think
21:48 <@CallForJudgement> and yet it’s passing
21:48 <@Ienpw_III> :(
21:48 <@CallForJudgement> I mean, even a letter-over-spirit nomic wouldn’t accept that scam
21:48 <@Ienpw_III> blognomic needs to be more consistent
21:49 <@CallForJudgement> it’s as if it was based on the joking “anti-217” I suggested in B
21:49 <@CallForJudgement> something like “whenever a rule is ambiguous, take the interpretation that breaks the game the most”
21:51 <@Ienpw_III> heh
21:51 <@Ienpw_III> wow


18-12-2010 04:17:02 UTC

btw, there are like two other “scams” present in that rule which I am considering using.

Darknight: he/him

18-12-2010 04:45:31 UTC

for this was getting too slow for me anyway.

Darknight: he/him

18-12-2010 04:46:34 UTC

wiki update time…. umm.. for someone who has the time. i hate a 6am to 2 pm job

Darknight: he/him

18-12-2010 04:48:13 UTC

I would ask if you’d pass the mantle, given you won not to long ago, till i recalled your last one lasted a day.

Josh: Announcer he/him

18-12-2010 08:15:51 UTC

@coppro - It’s amusing that ais said that, given his “victory” in the second dynasty of Purplebeard.

Admittedly I would have preferred to have tested the victory on the basis of the mortal name. I suspect that would have failed, though.


18-12-2010 09:25:59 UTC

The one thing that’s unfair about this is that only admins can pull it off.  Had a non-admin discovered the loophole, they would have been unable to exploit it.  So admins have a real advantage.


18-12-2010 15:40:30 UTC

for I disagree with this scam, but this dynasty is getting incredibly boring and slow.

@Subrincinator: Admins do a lot of work. We deserve and advantage.

redtara: they/them

18-12-2010 16:22:19 UTC

Not all admins feel the same way, Darth.