Monday, November 17, 2008

Proposal: This is how you make locations

reached quorum, final vote 10-0—Yoda
Also, there were 6 Epic votes, which is equal to quorum; therefore, Bucky gets a PP.

Adminned at 17 Nov 2008 10:06:29 UTC

Add a new Location to the Locations document.  Call it “BuckyStar Café” and give it the following text:

BuckyStar Café is a local combination restaurant and coffee house.  By day, it serves burgers, mediocre seafood and several local specialties.  At night, it serves cheap coffee and wireless internet access.  It’s a decent place to take someone out for lunch.

It occupies the ground floor of a thirty-year-old office building at the corner of Main and 7th Street.  Its main exit leads directly to the Sidewalk, and it also has an exit to an adjacent Alley which is sometimes locked.

Jason Smith eats here once or twice per week.  Bucky works the evening shift on weekdays.

Add another new Location to the Locations document.  Call it “The Alley” and give it the following text:

The Alley is a dark space between buildings.  It is barely wide enough to drive a truck into and dead-ends abruptly after about ten meters.  It is usually empty except for a bicycle rack.  It exits directly to the Main St. Sidewalk, and there is a door leading to the kitchen area of the BuckyStar Café which is sometimes locked.

Every Modnay and Friday morning at 6, a refrigerated meat truck blocks the alley for about 15 minutes while its crew makes a delivery to the adjacent BuckyStar Café through the side door.

Add the following text to the beginning of the description for the location “Sidewalk”:

This is a half-block stretch of the Main Street sidewalk. which bears heavy foot traffic during daylight hours.  It is adjacent to a number of other locations, including the BuckyStar Café and its associated Alley.



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for And nice use of Main St lol


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Explicit author for to argue that you should consider this proposal for Epic status because it sets a quality standard for future Locations in addition to providing Plot materiel.


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for Ah yes, I almost forgot about Epic

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