Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Proposal: This is not a solitaire.


Adminned at 18 May 2011 21:00:28 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule, “Neighbours”:

Each Farmer is the Next Door Neighbour of the Farmer listed directly before him in the Garden Patch wiki page. Each Farmer is the “Previous Door Neighbour” of the Farmer listed directly after him in that page. For the purpose of this rule, the last Farmer listed is considered as directly before the first one, and the first one as directly after him. Every Farmer shall thus have exactly two Neighbours, and be Neighbour of exactly those two.

Change Rule “Farmland” to:

Each Farmer has a Plot that is tracked on the Garden Patch wiki page, in a particular order wich is part of the Gamestate as well. Each Plot starts as a 6 by 6 grid of Squares. Each Square start out empty.
The top row in a Plot is known as the first and the bottom row is known as the last row. Similarly, the most left column is known as the first column while the most right is known as the last column. A square may be referenced at (C|R) while C and R are the columns and rows, respectively, starting to count from the first to the last, starting with 0.
Two Squares are adjacent if share exactly a side. In addition, each square in the first column of every Farmer’s Plot is considered adjacent to the square in the same row and in the last column of the Plot of that Farmer’s Previous Door Neighbour, and vice versa.
The Shade of a Square is a number that refers to the distance from that Square to the top row of the Farmer’s Plot to which it belongs.

Order alphabetically the Farmers’ Plots in the Garden Patch wiki page.



05-18-2011 10:37:13 UTC

Oh, I implemented Keba’s indexing idea. I hope you’re not offended, but I thought I might need it to define adjacent.


05-18-2011 12:32:23 UTC

against Needs a default ordering, not just a one-time ordering.


05-18-2011 12:45:01 UTC

against Per Hix, we need to say that new players also get added alphabetically.

Not sure whether it’d be easier to have plots being vertically adjacent (so that the bottom row of mine is adjacent to the top row of the player below me), since we’re displaying them vertically on the wiki page.


05-18-2011 12:56:45 UTC

against Kevan: The shade levels don’t really make sense if we order them vertically, though, unless we’re all Chinese rice farmers.


05-18-2011 13:13:50 UTC

Oh, good point. But we could rotate those as well.


05-18-2011 13:21:54 UTC



05-18-2011 13:31:33 UTC

against as I don‘t like the principle of alphabetic ordering in general. I don‘t like a rondomness as well, but that‘s better in my opinion. Or what about everyone is everyone‘s neighbour and our fields look like a star?

But thank you for taking my indexing idea, this and your adjacent idea should be in the Rules, yes.


05-18-2011 14:00:27 UTC

against I do like the general idea of it though.


05-18-2011 15:29:54 UTC



05-18-2011 15:40:05 UTC

Hm, what‘s about new players then? Lots of fields are relocated then? If I manage my friend “Ken” to play Nomic, Kevan and I are not longer neighbours? And If “Ken” is moved to the end, ais523 and Yoda cease to be neighbours. Anyway, be a neighbour of the Landlord or his wife may be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how this game continues and on your style to play…


05-18-2011 19:27:17 UTC



05-18-2011 21:39:00 UTC

against s/k
I thought it would be more interesting having more player interation. For balance (unbalance), that’s part of the fun for me… :P
And, I said it’s gamestate, not that it may not be changed…

Will repropose it tomorrow, with right to left (like the videogame) and rules for new players.