Friday, December 19, 2008

Proposal: This still hasn’t been done


Adminned at 19 Dec 2008 07:21:28 UTC

Add a new rule titled “Factions”:

There are three Factions, BLO, GNO, and MIC. Each Citizen has a GNDT-tracked variable called “Faction” which can equal any faction. Once a Citizen chooses their Faction, they cannot change it to any other Faction.

Add a subrule to this rule, titled “Faction Rulesets”:

Each Faction has its own ruleset. Citizens must obey not only the BlogNomic Ruleset, but also the ruleset of their Faction.



19-12-2008 15:05:16 UTC

Oops. Hadn’t seen the other proposal.  against


19-12-2008 15:20:58 UTC

veto for speed.