Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Proposal: Those move easiest who have learn’d to dance.

Passes 9-1 with only 1 “break” vote. -Ornithopter

Adminned at 15 Apr 2010 12:01:16 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Lord of the Dance”:

As a weekly action, a Colonist may initiate a dance. They can do so by making a story post with the word “Dance” in its title. A dance may be open or over. Only one dance may be open at a time and no more than two dances may be initated each week.

After a dance has been called, the dance is considered to be open and Colonists have 48 hours to move themselves into a configuration that matches one of the recognised dances below. If, at any point during those 48 hours, one of the recognised dance configurations exists, then any Colonist participating in that configuration may post a comment to the original initiation of the dance declaring the dance to be successful and specifying which dance has been achieved. All Colonists participating in that configuration then gain a surge of vitality and may increase their Energy by 15, as well as any other effect listed below. Once a dance has been legally declared to have been successful, the dance is considered to be over.

The recognised dances are as follows:

A successful Waltz requires at least three pairs of Colonists to be adjacent to each other, with each pair being no more than 5 locations away from another.

A square dance (or “hoe-down”) requires an even number of at least four Colonists. The Colonists must be arranged in two parallel lines, with exactly one location between the lines and exactly one location between each Colonist (horizontally and vertically). As an additional effect, each Colonist who participated in a successful square dance may reduce by half all of their energy expenditure for the next 72 hours.

If four or more Colonists form an unbroken line of orthogonal adjacency with the Colonist who initated the dance at one end (“the front”), then they have successfully formed a conga line. As an aditional effect, the Colonist at the front of a successful conga line may make up to 10 moves (as defined in rule 2.3.1) and must move the rest of the conga line behind them.

The Hokey-Kokey
At least four Colonists are needed to perform the Hokey-Kokey. If a perfect circle can be drawn on the map so that it passes through the location of each participating Colonists then they have successfully achieved the Hokey-Kokey. As an additional effect, the participants in the Hokey-Kokey may each reduce their hunger by 1.

Add the following to the list of jobs in rule 2.4:

* Dancer. Any Colonist who has participated in three successful dance configurations may become a dancer. A dancer spends 2 Energy to move instead of the usual 4.

If a majority of EVCs on this proposal contain the word “break” then add the following to the list of dances:

If no Colonist has moved in the 48 hours following the initiation of the dance, then the initiator has successfully Breakdanced. A Colonist who has Breakdanced has achieved victory.



14-04-2010 09:38:23 UTC

for break. How beautifully bizarre.


14-04-2010 11:53:07 UTC

for Ha, this is just delicious.


14-04-2010 14:44:46 UTC

imperial  Break break break. Epic win.


14-04-2010 15:07:02 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

14-04-2010 15:18:51 UTC



14-04-2010 16:59:04 UTC

Although I think the brake (doesn’t count as the EVC thing [hooray for misspelling]) Is also equally delicious, I don’t know about making it a victory condition, even if it is probably just to deter the game from stagnation.


14-04-2010 20:05:10 UTC


I won’t say the magic word, mostly because it leaves the possibility that someone will wait until 48 hours + 1 second before the end of the weak and initiate the dance to win because no one else has energy.  It basically forces someone to be the safety net so that no one tries to actually achieve victory through dancing.

Darknight: he/him

14-04-2010 20:56:27 UTC



15-04-2010 08:49:41 UTC

against I’m not sure about the Hokey-Kokey. For one, it’s ridiculously easy to achieve at 13a, since its participants don’t need to be at separate locations. Right now, anyone could initiate a dance and immediately complete the Hokey-Kokey, drawing a circle that passes through 13a and their own location.

Also, whenever a dance is completed, any participant other than the initiator could start another dance and immediately complete it with the same configuration.

Josh: he/they

15-04-2010 10:16:48 UTC

@PB - the hokey-kokey thing is a problem I admit, but I’ll stick up a fix proposal for that. The dance-spam thing is somewhat dealt with by “no more than two dances may be initated each week,” although I accept that the prohibition could be tighter. I’ll have a crack at rewording.


15-04-2010 12:15:58 UTC

for CoV with the fix.


15-04-2010 14:09:29 UTC

against because the flaw I wanted to exploit was noticed, and the proposal isn’t as fun with it fixed.


15-04-2010 17:59:03 UTC



15-04-2010 18:28:20 UTC

Minor problem I just noticed, this rule does not specify whether or not energy is required for those 10 moves after the conga has been successful.  I assume it is not, but if it is this leaves the door open for people to move without removing energy (Which, with the current wording, seems to be perfectly legal).


15-04-2010 18:53:05 UTC

I think the current wording requires spending Energy like normal for the initiator, but not for the Dwarves following.