Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Proposal: Threads of Magic

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Jul 2017 12:41:53 UTC

Create a new section called “Pact Magic”, within it, add:

Pactmakers can, at-will, create Promises for themselves, which are strings of text. Each Promise possesses a number (the “Promise’s Number”) - the first Promise created has a number of 1, and the second one 2, and the third one 3, etc, with all Promise numbers following that pattern. Pactmakers should not break their own Promise/s, and for greater clarity, Promises don’t “bind” anyone except the Pactmaker which made the Promise. All Promises (along who they belong to) are tracked on the “Pact Magic” wikipage.

Any Pactmaker can (and should, unless there already is one of these for the case) raise a Magic Backlash Official Post. Those posts are Voteable Matters, and should provide information which allows to determine that such a Pactmaker has broken their Promise, because if passed, such a Pactmaker will acquire Extreme Seizures..

A Pending Magic Backlash may be Enacted by any Admin if all of the following are true:
-It is Popular.
A Pending Magic Backlash may be Failed by any Admin if any of the following are true:
-It is Unpopular.

While a Pactmaker is undergoing Extreme Seizures, they cannot perform dynastic actions nor post any DoVs.  Extreme Seizures last for 96 hours (4 days) since the last time granted.



07-11-2017 21:02:40 UTC

“anyone except the Pactmaker” should probably be “anyone except the Pactmaker which made the Promise”

Wouldn’t it be better to have the “Magic Backlash” post be a non-CFJ post?


07-11-2017 21:13:32 UTC

Ok, fixed.


07-11-2017 21:24:46 UTC

I like the idea of Promises, but I’d prefer if it was clear whether breaking a Promise is completely illegal, or is legal but incurs a penalty. This rule makes it look like it’s a little bit of both, which I can’t really make sense of.

One possibility would be to have “degrees of bonding” on Promises. An absolutely bonding Promise can’t be broken at all; a lightly bonding Promise can be broken, but at a cost. A Promise might maybe designate a Vow Keeper, who would be in charge of the penalty in case the Promise is broken, or maybe would be ‘compensated’ while the player who broke the Promise is ‘fined’.


07-11-2017 21:32:26 UTC

There’s a problem with absolutely bonding promises: what if I promise that Blognomic will end 1 minute after I make the promise?

...And it doesn’t happen. If promises can’t be broken, and that’s absolute, the game can be paralyzed or put into a weird state, which is why I’ve just made it like this for now.

I would love “unbreakable” promises, but I feel that may need more thought and text so I’m just doing this one for now.


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07-12-2017 07:50:44 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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07-12-2017 10:35:10 UTC

Wait, “Create a new section”?


07-12-2017 11:36:21 UTC

Section is syn. to rule:

Each individually numbered section of the ruleset is a rule, including sections that are sub-rules of other rules.”


07-12-2017 11:37:37 UTC

(Not super duper explicitly but oh well)


07-12-2017 12:30:21 UTC