Friday, December 29, 2017

Proposal: Three Acts


Adminned at 30 Dec 2017 19:43:36 UTC

Add to the ruleset the following rule named “Endgame”:

At-will but twice per week at most, a Failed Experiment can perform a Heroic Action by making a blog post for this purpose. The Heroic Actions possible are the following:
- Understand the Truth: This Heroic Action can only be performed if your Distance is above 50, as you gaze upon the vast cities and civilization beyond.
- Save your Family: This Heroic Action can only be performed if you have performed “Understand the Truth” and you Distance is 0, as you return to the lab to recover and carry the larvae of your brethren.
- Escape:  This Heroic Action can only be performed if you have performed “Save your Family” and your distance is above 50. Performing this action makes you achieve victory.

Inspired by Kevans idea but you go back and forth more so there’s more chances for positive and negative interaction, and it would take aprox 1-2 weeks to do in ideal conditions.

Deliberately didn’t change Distance rules so that it’s less of a daily grind thing and more of a choice of deciding to pay up to make a tactical move or wait for a better opportunity.



29-12-2017 12:47:44 UTC

Saw this after posting my proposal. I like this a lot. I’ll amend my proposal to take this into consideration.


29-12-2017 21:24:38 UTC

This seems like a really good solution to the problem of the other victory condition.  for


30-12-2017 06:10:26 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

30-12-2017 09:38:12 UTC


With movement still free, any Humanized Experiment could walk to civilisation and back immediately, resetting their Hunger to avoid going Beserk. And I can’t see that other players could do anything to stop them winning from that point; even if a Swordfinger Spitter killed one of them stone dead after the second Heroic Action, the player could just stand back up and walk the last bit.

“Twice per week at most” means you could do the whole thing in a couple of minutes if you started at 23:59 on Sunday. In reality we’d probably have a lot of players taking this action late on Sunday and then racing to take the third after midnight.


30-12-2017 10:08:16 UTC

(In a bit of a hurry but I’ll propose a fixed version of this tonight) veto