Saturday, July 14, 2018

Proposal: through unity, strength

6 to 0 after 48 hours. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 16 Jul 2018 14:00:07 UTC

Append to “When a Wizard performs an Atomic Action, they must complete all its steps; they must complete them in order; and they may not take any other dynastic action until all such steps are complete.” the following

All of the steps of an Atomic Action are considered one action, as well as the steps of an Atomic Actions that is itself a step of a parent Atomic Action.

3 “Atomic Actions” in one sentence, can you do better?
also I don’t think this has any scam potential since this is just make atomic actions considered indivisible from their steps. I guess some rewording might make it better.



14-07-2018 06:34:23 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

14-07-2018 07:23:32 UTC


What about non-atomic actions which include calls to other non-atomic actions, though?

derrick: he/him

14-07-2018 16:34:18 UTC

Doesn’t this need a “Special Cases” Tag?


14-07-2018 16:59:23 UTC

[derrick] nope, the Tags rule only needs tags for proposals which change the Appendix or Core rules and for proposals which grant victory to some Wizard.

[Kevan] As in something like “if you have five flowers you can choose to pollinate”? If it does affect a step worded in that way then nobody can spend the Thaum to play up effects on cards. We might need another example for clarification though.

Brendan: he/him

14-07-2018 17:08:26 UTC


derrick: he/him

14-07-2018 18:01:09 UTC



16-07-2018 01:48:46 UTC