Friday, June 05, 2009

Thrwoing you some ideas

I’ve been out of proposals slots for a while now, but I have many ideas, so I will throw in some that anybody can propose and feel smart like me:

* A weekly action that can be taken while in the bedroom, that costs 3 looks and gives another Contestant +1 Luck. Props for creative names for this..
* A new stat called stress that has a negative impact on you as a balance for some positive actions, and as way to attack other contestants.
* A rule that allows Contestants with low Fame to move twice a day, due to being stealthy.
* An effect that decreases Looks every week that a Contestant has failed to visit the Bathroom.
* A daily action that allows a Contestant to spend 1 Fame to go to get their vote counted twice, on a single proposal.



06-05-2009 04:31:56 UTC

I like 3 and 4.


06-05-2009 05:02:44 UTC

4 will be painful to check.


06-05-2009 18:43:59 UTC

arth: you have a spare slot atm. I’ve noticed you proposing lots of interesting proposals, so I’ve been vetoing the ones that seem doomed to fail early to save slots for you.


06-05-2009 20:26:14 UTC

3…you can already move as much as you want.