Thursday, February 24, 2022

Tic Tac Toughts

Dynastic discussion thread. If you share the same opinion three times in a row then you win.


Lulu: she/her

24-02-2022 13:22:45 UTC

Let’s see…
“Tic Tac Town was busted”, “Tic Tac Town was busted”, and “Tic Tac Town was busted”.

Oh look.  I’ve won.

Next time I’m emperor, I might explicitly try setting the first week or two of a Dynasty in some sort of testing mode where nobody can win, and when the phase ends everything is reset to their defaults.  It would avoid having yet another Dynasty end in a midgame scam, that’s for sure.

Lulu: she/her

24-02-2022 13:23:31 UTC

(Well, maybe it wouldn’t *guarantee* blocking a scam win, but it would be substantially less likely.)

Lulu: she/her

24-02-2022 13:25:24 UTC

Also: Scams are only fun when you’re not Emperor.  Yeah.

wdtefv: hu/hum

24-02-2022 13:27:07 UTC

honestly hilarious, but underwhelming

Josh: he/they

24-02-2022 13:35:41 UTC

The biggest problem with this dynasty by far was that it launched without any initial proposals, and then it emerged 24 hours later that the emperor had a strong idea for where the dynasty was supposed to go, actually - meaning that all the new-dynasty energy ended up being wasted and a few players were left directionless, scratching their heads about how they were supposed to fit into a plan that apparently existed but which they couldn’t see.

Genuinely nothing else wrong with this dynasty, but its lack of a space to make a central mechanic prevented it from ever becoming a game.

Josh: he/they

24-02-2022 13:36:41 UTC

It would avoid having yet another Dynasty end in a midgame scam

When was the last one of those? Feels like ages since we had a midgame scam, although this one only really happened because none of the three or four players who spotted it decided to do anything about it.

Lulu: she/her

24-02-2022 13:49:08 UTC

Well the last one *was* my last dynasty so I’m definitely a bit biased here haha

Brendan: he/him

24-02-2022 16:27:14 UTC

I think multiplayer tic-tac-toe is actually pretty viable, but it does require an engaged group of players and some pretty strict turn order, the latter of which is historically hard to engineer in BN. I had more ideas for it banked, including bumping the requirement to four-in-a-row and allowing for wraparound scoring (though that was feeling hard to translate into Blognomish).

Clucky: he/him

24-02-2022 16:40:24 UTC

Resetting a dynasty a few weeks in seems like a good way to discourage early gameplay if you know it won’t matter

Better thing to do is probably just not allow proposals that introduce a VC until you want someone to possibly win (especially when you have rules in place like tic tac town that allow for sequence breaks)