Sunday, July 06, 2008


The countdown to Meta-day is now 6.

DDA Commander’s note: You mean 8, right?

Note for the note: 7 now.


Clucky: he/him

06-07-2008 18:27:08 UTC

We went over this last time… the timer does not tick until the start of the 7th of July, blognomic time.

Clucky: he/him

06-07-2008 18:28:25 UTC

Also the timer is still at 8. Last time you ticked it, another proposal was made before it should’ve legally been ticked.


06-07-2008 18:59:06 UTC

Says you, but you’re not playing. Timer’s 6.

Clucky: he/him

06-07-2008 19:10:09 UTC

Even if I was playing I couldn’t say the timer is zero just because I feel like it. Nomic isn’t a game of just doing what you feel like, its a game of following the rules. In this case, the rules clearly show that the timer should not have ticked because it has not been two days. The fact that I’m not playing has nothing to do with the validity of such a statement.


06-07-2008 19:42:59 UTC

I’m aware that the rules mention GMT, but I dispute that the rules “clearly” show that GMT must pass 3 times before “two days” have passed.

The fact you’re not playing keeps you from having a vote in any CfJ that clarifies what “two days” means.

This is a blatant taunt to unidle you.


06-07-2008 20:36:45 UTC

Jay, as the DDA commander, I know that Clucky is right.

Timer is actually 8.


06-07-2008 22:40:18 UTC

What does being the DDA Commander have anything to do with it?  Just because you have the power to veto does not mean you have more weight than anyone else here.

I’m not saying that Clucky is wrong (mostly because I, too, think he is right), but using the argument that you are the DDA Commander therefore you have the final say is totally uncalled for and sounds like you are better than the rest of us.

Clucky: he/him

07-07-2008 00:15:22 UTC

Actually your wrong Rodlen, its seven now =P.

The biggest problem is that the timer is never actually officially tracked somewhere. If Jay feels that the timer is six, he could trigger the meta dynasty when he feels it hits zero and then if people disagree the CfJ would have to be used then.


07-07-2008 01:38:07 UTC

I just agreed with Clucky, used DDA Commander to add weight to the argument, and used admin powers to edit the post.


07-07-2008 02:12:12 UTC

I’m saying that using the DDA Commander does not add weight to the argument, and it is conceited to think that your opinions have more weight just because you happened to win the last dynasty.

Darknight: he/him

07-07-2008 03:31:06 UTC

I’m with Yoda on the Commander arguement here (I don’t mind where the counter sits right now). Saying that being the commander adds weight to an arguement feels like an abuse of power. Wheres the fun of the nomic if you pull stuff like that Rod? I joined the nomic to have fun, not to (pardon me) dick around with whos in the right. If need be just do a CfJ sheesh lol. Srry if I lost my head there, just getting the vent out. No offence to Rodlen.

Darknight: he/him

07-07-2008 03:33:54 UTC

You guys know what? After a quick reread I’m gonna change my stance on one thing (as my proposal points out)

Amnistar: he/him

08-07-2008 02:22:43 UTC

Being DDA commander, which means you won the last game, OFTEN (not always but usually) means that you have a better understanding of the rules than others.

After all, you won by understanding the rules.  I can’t think of the last game (maybe the werewolf dynasty?) where someone won just by playing.  The games are almost always won by exploiting a loophole.

thus, the position of winning the last game does give some weight to an argument over the game rules.

As for the CfJ issue…it should have been just brought up there in the first place, yes.  Where then people could discuss and vote.


08-07-2008 04:09:49 UTC

By the way, I’ve spliced the counter into the Ruleset page so that we won’t lose it.


08-07-2008 16:38:10 UTC

Amnistar, almost every player (except me and a few others) has won at least one dynasty.  Does that mean that the arguemnts by player who won the last dynasty should supersede those put forth by everyone else?  I think not.