Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Tick 17

The next tick occurs. Peace continues at an aggressive clip, as more politicians again smooth than agitate. Again, the Western bloc makes rapid gains in IE as all of them are Progressive. Maldor also earns 2 IE as the most-squabbling Eastern CIC.

True to their squabbling nature this tick, Maldor shares the following news with us:

Calls for UN dissolution
As the reckless nature from the west continues to increase, elements from the nonaligned countries are calling for the UN to quote “Get its act together or go away”. These nonaligned countries are gathering support from others that feel the same way. The government of Maldor announcing moments ago that it intends to field a proposal to dissolve the UN. “It was on shaky ground to begin with and now, it is inevitable that it will topple over and ruin everyone and everything that is connected to it.” This quote was recorded at an official press conference for the government. Other allies in the eastern bloc have yet to announce similar measures, but it is likely that a some will follow suit.

Dissolve the UN? Rude! Cuddlebeam also shares this news:




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