Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiger registers

I, Tiger, hereby registers.



03-21-2009 16:52:28 UTC

For some reason there’s already someone called Tiger in the GNDT configuration. I think I’ll need to leave it to a more experienced admin to decide what to do.


03-21-2009 18:14:01 UTC

Its probably short for TigerMoth.


03-21-2009 21:22:19 UTC

Can’t be. TigerMoth is already in there.


03-21-2009 21:23:36 UTC

Maybe someone added him before singular?


03-21-2009 22:06:56 UTC

Tiger, you probably have two choices. You can either wait for this to be sorted out or you could just make a new username. Unless you really want Tiger, I’d suggest making a new one unless you don’t mind waiting a bit.


03-22-2009 10:02:32 UTC

The commented-out GNDT players are just so that they have the same password if they ever come back. They’re just comments; if we don’t actually seem to have a player called “Tiger”, just rename the commented out one to “TigerMoth?” or something, and add Tiger as a new player.

Would do it myself, but am about to head out for the morning.


03-23-2009 09:32:28 UTC

Okay, you’re good to go.