Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Proposal: Tightening the Shots

Reached quorum 12 - 3 -SB

Adminned at 18 Mar 2009 02:10:20 UTC

In Rule 2.2 (Acts), replace “rolling DICE10 in the GNDT to get their Scene’s Body Count” with “rolling DICE5 in the GNDT to get their Scene’s Body Count”.

I think we blew most of our budget on that flashback. And, really, there’s not much narrative difference between six, seven, eight, nine and ten deaths, most of which were just described as “some guy kills X people” - a limit of five seems like it’d lend itself to better storytelling, and more of a chance for the guest stars to get their dramatic, dying close-up.


SingularByte: he/him

17-03-2009 12:18:44 UTC

I see your point but I also like lots of deaths.


17-03-2009 14:10:06 UTC

I thought this was a buckets of blood production. Perhaps we could have a loophole to increase the body count. imperial


17-03-2009 14:38:41 UTC

imperial If Devenger doesn’t mind.


17-03-2009 15:01:14 UTC



17-03-2009 16:25:01 UTC


Josh: he/him

17-03-2009 16:25:31 UTC



17-03-2009 17:05:29 UTC


arthexis: he/him

17-03-2009 17:42:27 UTC



17-03-2009 18:39:06 UTC

for You can’t fit 10 different deaths in 25 words.


17-03-2009 19:09:19 UTC

for Not sure why Amnistar didn’t always vote on mass-DEF proposals. It’s so satisfying to know I’m casting 7 votes at once.

I didn’t judge the die size correctly in the groundwork proposal - 5 gives a better chance of Body Count 1 scenes (a great opportunity for people to try epic boss fight scenes), and avoids the Body Count 10 scenes that devolved into meaninglessness/explosives every time.


17-03-2009 19:38:01 UTC


Darknight: he/him

17-03-2009 20:05:40 UTC

for Though I think I fitted 10 deaths in rather well last act.


18-03-2009 00:27:58 UTC

against BODIES! (I’m not an animal…)

No, seriously, the more bodies the better.  Reducing the number per scene only slows down the game. Moreover, it doesn’t cure the problem of meaningless/lazy scenes Devenger mentioned.  Instead what we need to do is increase the Word Count even more, and give more rewards for better scenes & punishments for worse ones.


18-03-2009 06:39:56 UTC

Short is sweet, and succintness makes everything better. for