Monday, August 23, 2021

Proposal: Time, It Means Everything

Times out and passes, 5-0. -Bucky

Adminned at 25 Aug 2021 16:52:55 UTC

At the start of “Victory”, add a new paragraph:

Each Legislator has a Timer, a publicly tracked integer that defaults to 96, can never be less than 24, and represents a timespan in hours.

In “Victory”, change “the author of the most recently Enacted Scoring Proposal” or “the author of the most recently Enacted Scoring Bill” to “the Current Leader”. Then, after the sentence that defines “Scoring Proposal” or “Scoring Bill”, add a new sentence:

The author of the most recently enacted Scoring Proposal is known as the Current Leader.

Change the first instance of “72 hours” in “Victory” to “the Current Leader’s Timer”, and “the previous 72 hours” to “the previous X hours (where X is the Current Leader’s Timer)”.

To the list in “The Veto List” or “The Mandate List”, add a new item:

Taking the first letter of each word of its title, and reading those letters in order to produce a word, gives a word that exists in the Ruleset, and/or would be added to the Ruleset by that Proposal if it were Enacted.

If the word “Bill” exists in the dynastic ruleset, change every instance of “Proposal” that was newly added by this proposal to “Bill”.

Adding a statistic that makes victory easier/harder (a lower Timer gives you an advantage). There’s no way to change it yet, but hopefully this gives you all ideas for ways to manipulate it.

The Veto/Mandate List change is unrelated and exists so that I don’t need to veto my own proposal.


Clucky: he/him

23-08-2021 16:16:10 UTC

So there is a bug in the rules that I was gonna try and fix but you should probably fix here. namely the part of the rules which says “Once a Proposal has been enacted, it can have no further direct effect on the gamestate.”

So I’m not sure we can actually say “The author of the most recently enacted Scoring Proposal is known as the Current Leader.” because that is arguably causing that proposal to have a direct effect on the gamestate.

This gets us halfway to fixing the problem, but I think to be safe rather than “The author of the most recently enacted Scoring Proposal is known as the Current Leader.” we should say something like “When a Proposal/Bill is enacted, its author becomes the Current Leader” and then a one time “Set the Current Leader to the author of the most recently enacted Proposal/Bill”


23-08-2021 16:19:52 UTC

I’d argue “The author of the most recently enacted Scoring Proposal…” is a reference to historical gamestate that was locked in at or before the proposal’s enactment, rather than an enduring further effect of the proposal itself.


23-08-2021 16:31:16 UTC

From the appendix: “The historical fact of the occurrence of a defined game action is itself considered to be gamestate”. So checking to see whether/when the “enact proposal” action was taken out is possible. That’s different from the proposal itself having an ongoing effect.


23-08-2021 16:31:43 UTC

* “was taken”, not “was taken out”!


23-08-2021 16:34:38 UTC

I think even without that, though, there wouldn’t be a problem: some dynastic rule checking to see when the proposal was enacted isn’t a direct effect on the gamestate, so it doesn’t fall afoul of the rule you’re suggesting.


23-08-2021 17:03:32 UTC

Timer should be restricted to positive integers only; “the last -12 hours” is not well defined, and I think we should avoid the possibility of a literal instant win.


23-08-2021 17:08:15 UTC

I put a hard lower limit of 24.

Clucky: he/him

23-08-2021 17:32:47 UTC

i’m still a bit worried that this’ll change the dynasty form one where you’re trying to get the mandate list in enough of a bind no one can succesfully add anything to the rules to one where you just wanna get your timer as low as possible. 24 hours without another proposal passing feels a lot easier to pull off than 72

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