Monday, July 01, 2019

Time to d-d-d-d-ddd Duel!

I summon any brave combatant to face me (for glory!) upon the Ice Floes battlefield. Defaulting to any Wizard for opponent and for judge is fine. (King Derrick would be my first choice for judge if he would deign.)



01-07-2019 20:20:50 UTC

For those who don’t get the reference, it’s from this

derrick: he/him

01-07-2019 21:37:12 UTC

I am happy to judge the outcome of this duel. Be sure to complete the ice battles before this happens!


01-07-2019 22:46:37 UTC

Thanks for the sticky!

Also note that we get 48 hours from time an opponent joins to complete the duel, and it may take that long to pass the proposal fixing duel scoring. Recommend opponent wait a day or so to join. (After all, the Emus are upon us.)


03-07-2019 18:01:59 UTC

Alright, I’ve certainly overdone it on raw power level, and most challengers seem to be starving out anyhow. So tell ya what, ya Gaudy Fire-Breathin’ Horned Fanged Spectral Chickens: I promise not to send more than my three strongest (11 each) creatures to the fight. If you were to get one creature stronger than 11, and send a team of five of >1, then the odds would be 3:2 in your favor.


05-07-2019 18:36:35 UTC

I will face you. I can only tie you, so the odds are 4:3 in your favor.


05-07-2019 18:44:43 UTC

Hold on, that’s not right. I had a 60% chamce but now only half that so odds are 7:3 in your favor. Derrick, sending you a message now.

derrick: he/him

06-07-2019 21:03:56 UTC

And we have a second duel, this time on the sea ice of the north.

Mole [0]
Swimming (+4) Winged (+4) Giant (+3) Zonkey [+11]
Swimming (+4) Winged (+4) Giant (+3) Emu [+11]
Swift Venomous(+2) Swan [+2]
Swimming (+4) Winged (+4) Giant (+3) Badger [+11]

Swimming (+4) Giant (+3) Sponge [+7];
Spectral Swimming (+4) Winged (+4) Giant (+3) Zonkey [+11]
Swimming (+4) Giant (+3) Armored (+2) Badger (+9);
Swimming (+4) Giant (+3) Armored (+2) Zonkey (+9);
Swimming (+4) Giant (+3) Armored (+2) Numbat (+9);

On the open ice, Titanic sea monsters vied for dominance. TyGuy6 gave his monsters wings, while Kaia relied on heavily armored leviathans. Kaia also called upon spectral beasts, matching their foes almost exactly.

Each wizard had two wins, with slot 2 being a tie. The tie breaker went to Kaia. Kaia is the triumphant and receives 7 courtly favor from the duel.

The court enjoyed this exhibition of power.


07-07-2019 05:21:46 UTC

Good show, Kaia!