Friday, May 05, 2006

Time warp

The timestamps on the GNDT are wrong.  I’ve just made a whole load of updates for the first chant of 5th April.  I made those updates at approx. 09:15 BST (08:15 GMT) but they show as being made at 01:18 BST.

It’s important that these times are right, otherwise it isn’t possible to tell whether a monk has already chanted that day.  (It would also be helpful if these times were in GMT because that’s the timezone that the rules specify.)

Please could an admin look into this.

Many thanks,




05-05-2006 12:44:26 UTC

Um, this happened about 8 hours after my midnight chanting session, according to the GNDT clock.  By my count, you had already chanted on the 5th.


05-05-2006 15:10:20 UTC

The GNDT comment reads…

05/05 01:18 (BST) - Thelonious
Thelonious’s Moves = 20 (was 0)
(Moves -> twice fitness)

  Thelonious’s Location = A-20N (was A-18N)
(Move into doorway)

  Thelonious’s Moves = 16 (was 20)

  Thelonious’s Integrity = 26 (was 20)
(Chant w/ Ig, Rod, Sm, Pur & Buck)


The previous timestamp in the GNDT was…

04/05 13:09 (BST) - Bucky

So, according to the GNDT, I was the first to chant on the 5th - at just 18 minutes after midnight GMT.

Are you telling me that if you look at the GNDT Change Log you see something else?


05-05-2006 21:39:22 UTC

4/05 13:09 (BST) - Bucky
  Bucky’s Moves = 24 (was 0)
(eating food ration)

  Bucky’s Location = A-21L (was A-8A)

  Bucky’s Moves = 0 (was 24)

  Bucky’s Integrity = 26 (was 24)
(Chhanting w/Igthorn)


Bucky’s Moves = 24 (was 0)
(Consuming afood ration )

  Bucky’s Moves = 24 (was 24)

  Bucky’s Location = A-20N (was A-21L)

  Bucky’s Moves = 21 (was 24)

  Bucky’s Integrity = 32 (was 26)
(Chanting w/ Purplebeard, Rodney, Smith, Thelonious and Igthorn.)


Thelonious’s Moves = 16 (was 20)

  Thelonious’s Integrity = 26 (was 20)
(Chant w/ Ig, Rod, Sm, Pur & Buck)

What happened was I reset my moves, chanted w/ Igthorn, logged off, logged on shortly after midnight, reset my moves again and chanted again.

About an hour later (The day starts at 0:00 not 1:00), you chanted.

Even though there was an 11-hour gap, the GNDT neglected to give me a new timestamp for the second batch of actions.  However, the two move-resets show that I waited until after midnight for the second set of actions.


05-05-2006 21:41:09 UTC

Actually, due to the time difference, more like a 6-hour gap.  My point still holds.