Monday, September 10, 2007

Proposal: Tokyo Army

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Sep 2007 02:47:58 UTC

Append the following text to the Cities and Neighborhood rule:

One Army Base exists - this is a Neighborhood, but has no Patron, Buildings or Population.

Enact a new rule called “The Tokyo Menace Defense Force”. with the text:

There shall be a non-player character listed in the GNDT named TMDF. It shall start with an initial value of 1,500,000,000. This value will be tracked under the Army Base section in The City document.

Start up an army, with later rules to make it actually do something.



09-10-2007 03:19:55 UTC

imperial Good start. Questions: what is the ‘initial value’? Is that supposed to be threat level? Or some other value?

Also, why track it in the GNDT and the City Document? Why not just in the City Document?

On the other hand, being an NPC, I assume it may be possible to move the army into another neighborhood, or split it up into neighborhoods? In that case, maybe the ‘initial value’ is power, maybe?

Guess I’m a little confused right now. It might just be too late for me to look at this well right now.

I guess we could add Navy and Air Force later too, to match the outer regions…


09-10-2007 03:24:54 UTC



09-10-2007 04:01:56 UTC

I hadn’t thought of more than one army. It’s just a start, thought.


09-10-2007 08:47:55 UTC

against Why list it in the GNDT? And what “initial value” are you talking about?

The military would probably make more sense as a type of Monster…


09-10-2007 13:02:17 UTC

against Initial value?


09-10-2007 14:07:13 UTC



09-10-2007 14:23:16 UTC

I had thought it might work better as a monster. I think you are right. against