Thursday, May 25, 2017

Proposal: (extra manly) Public Certification example

Reaches quorum 7-2. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 27 May 2017 14:08:15 UTC

Amend “Adventurer:” and any of its contents within to:

Adventurer: The Adventurer, once ever in the dynasty but at-will, may make a public post indicating that they WRESTLE A BEAR. The Expedition Leader shall then be Amazed by making a reply comment to that post in a timely fashion. At that point, the Adventurer is considered to Have EXTRA CHEST HAIR (and by default don’t have that). Adventurers with EXTRA CHEST CHAIR are immune to cost-increasing effects described in the Temperature Rule and may at-will ENCOURAGE other Adventurers.

Add to “Backgrounds”:

If any non-Adventurer Explorer makes a post which is in the format of a WRESTLE A BEAR post, the Expedition Leader shall reply to such a post with comment stating that such a post is Shenanigans and remove 1 Dog Sled from them for wasting the expedition’s time.

Yes, women adventurers too.

Yes, “encourage” currently does nothing.



25-05-2017 15:18:49 UTC

Tentative FOR, but currently the rule states that all bear-wrestlings and tool-gettings are Shennegains.


25-05-2017 15:20:30 UTC

I removed the tool-getting to make this a more simple and clean-cut example of public certification.

Also fixed that small error lol, thank you


25-05-2017 15:26:48 UTC



25-05-2017 16:40:42 UTC



25-05-2017 16:43:29 UTC

Hmm, I kind of liked them to be immune to only Very Cold rules cost increase but that could be changed if it seems to be too much of an advantage. for


25-05-2017 18:04:41 UTC


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

25-05-2017 19:23:00 UTC



25-05-2017 19:43:30 UTC


Oracular rufio:

26-05-2017 01:21:44 UTC

against Why do you have to shoehorn this ~~~~ALPHA MALE~~~~~ shit into every dynasty?  Are you ashamed of your penis and this is the only way you can feel better about it?

Also, no bears on this pole, as far as I know.


26-05-2017 03:32:06 UTC

I believe Cuddlebeam didn’t do it last dynasty, however I could have remembered incorrectly.


26-05-2017 08:23:42 UTC

against Wrestling polar bears should be required for that.