Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Proposal: Top of the Mothras

Passes 5-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 11 Jun 2015 17:19:32 UTC

If Proposal: Hell and High Tide passed, or Proposal: Stubs failed, this proposal does nothing.

Repeal the rule entitled “Kaiju Energy”.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled Secrets and Prestige:

Each Kaiju has an amount of Prestige, which is a nonnegative integer defaulting to 100, and which is tracked in the GNDT. This represents their current standing in the eyes of the Kaiju Court. Each Kaiju also has a number of Lab Tokens, which are tracked in the GNDT and default to zero.

No more than once every 96 hours, the Attendant may make a Bid Post, which must be a post in the story post category that offers the Kaiju access to their Underground Atomic Gene Laboratory (which may also be referred to as the UAGL, or just “the Lab”). During the 48 hours following the commencement of such a post, each Kaiju may once privately message the Attendant with a single bid, which must be an amount of Prestige that is lower than the total amount of Prestige that that Kaiju has at the time at which the bids are evaluated. Bid Posts conclude after 48 hours has passed since they were first published to the BlogNomic, or whenever every eligible Kaiju has sent the Attendant a bid; at their first opportunity following the conclusion of a Bid Post, the Attendant must carry out the following steps:

  • Evaluate the bids and establish which two Kaiju have made the largest bids;
  • Comment on the story post to announce that bidding has closed, which two Kaiju have won, and what the combined total of their Prestige bids was (“the Pot”);
  • Reduce the Prestige of those two Kaiju in the GNDT; and
  • Increase the Prestige of every other Kaiju in the GNDT by the Pot divided by the number of Kaiju to submit non-successful bids, rounded down if necessary.

The two Kaiju named in the conclusion of a Bid Post may then increase their Lab Tokens by 1.

Bid for the right to augment, but have the augmentation process be something different.



06-10-2015 20:24:42 UTC

imperial Bidding on a stream of entirely fungible tokens seems a bit bland, but second-guessing to get other people’s money might be worth exploring.

This needs a fix for cases where three or more kaiju are tied for highest bid.


06-10-2015 21:36:41 UTC



06-10-2015 21:55:30 UTC



06-11-2015 17:01:02 UTC

for Even though I’m voting against “Zilla in Manilla,” because I like this mechanic and I think we can do something interesting with it. (I don’t want it to be the only way to gain powers; dynasties last a month, but I’d only be able to give out two tokens every four days, which means we’d spend probably half the dynasty with only half the players even having powers.)