Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proposal: Tournaments

Passes after times out, 4-1.—Rodney.

Adminned at 12 Oct 2008 05:38:23 UTC

Create a new rule, titled “Tournaments” with the following text:

Each Breeder may compete in a Tournament. Each Breeder is either Competing or Eliminated, which is tracked in the Tournament column of the GNDT. All Breeders start Eliminated. A Breeder may set themselves to Eliminated at any time. A Breeder may only set themselves to Competing if there are no Competing Breeders, or if another Breeder has become Competing within the last 24 hours.

If there is at least one Competing Breeder and no Breeder has become Competing within the last 24 hours, the Tournament begins! If there are at least two Competing Breeders that are not currently in Battle, any of them may start a Match by first rolling DICEX in the GNDT, where X is the number of Competing Breeders that are not currently in battle, minus one. This roll will pick another Competing Breeder not in a battle, determined by going down through the Current Active Breeders list, skipping any Eliminated Breeders, Breeders in Battle, and the roller.

Example: Suppose arthexis, Bucky, Qapmoc, Rodney, and Xaxyx were all Competing and Bucky and Rodney were dueling each other.  If Qapmoc started a match, he would roll DICE2 and if he rolled a 1, he’d fight arthexis. If he rolled a 2, he’s fight Xaxyx.

The Breeder chosen in this way is known as the Opponent.

The Breeder who started the Match must fight the Opponent in one of two ways:

The first is an Official Duel. The Breeder who started the Match may post a Duel with the text “[Official]” in the title and name the Opponent as the Guest. The bet may not be more than 10 Cookies, and it may not be hardcore. If the Guest does not accept this Duel, but they were able to, they are Eliminated.

The alternate method is an unofficial Duel. The Breeder who started the Match may post any sort of Duel as long as the Opponent is the guest, including a hardcore duel. The Opponent has no obligation to accept this Duel, the option is only there for more bloodthirsty Breeders.

Either way, if the Breeder who started the Match and Opponent do Duel, the loser is Eliminated. If the Breeder who started the Match did not choose an Official Duel and they did not otherwise succeed in starting a Duel with the Opponent within 48 hours of the Match starting, the Breeder who started the Match is Eliminated. If a Competing Breeder’s Dragon is Dead at any time, they are automatically Eliminated.

If there is only a single Competing Breeder and the Tournament has begun, they may end the Tournament by adding 100 to their Cookies and Eliminating themselves. Then, any Breeder may become Competing again as above and once 24 hours has passed since any Breeder became Competing, the cycle starts anew.



10-09-2008 21:37:32 UTC

against .  I like the basic idea, but object to the ability to force an opponent with no cookies out of the tournament.


10-09-2008 22:04:37 UTC

Note the text: ‘If the Guest does not accept this Duel, *but they were able to*, they are Eliminated.’ If someone posts an Official Duel with more Cookies than you can spend, you don’t get eliminated if you don’t accept. This also might happen if you’re in a battle with another Breeder at the time you’re matched up with the second, which could conceivably happen.


10-09-2008 22:48:40 UTC

‘k, then for .


10-10-2008 04:13:48 UTC

for nice kick in the pants for my dynasty lol. I think we’ve just been in a slump period for the nomic.


10-10-2008 14:50:58 UTC



10-10-2008 15:44:09 UTC



10-10-2008 16:56:24 UTC

So, if I’m reading this correctly, the winner of the tournament just gets 100 cookies; this has nothing to do with victory.


10-10-2008 17:49:14 UTC

Correct. It’s a pretty major prize, though.