Saturday, June 23, 2018

Proposal: Towers of Power

Passes 6-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 25 Jun 2018 04:17:46 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Homes”:-

Each Wizard has a Home, tracked in the GNDT - a Wizard’s Home is a Community, defaulting to the Wilderness if it exists. (If a Wizard’s Home is the Wilderness, this may be tracked as just “-”.)

A Wizard may set their Home to a Community by discarding a card which contains the name of that Community’s Faction.

Add a Community to the list:-

  • The Wilderness: Neutral Faction. War = 0, Culture = 0, Economy = 0.

Add a Card with the Name “Teleport”, a type “Spell”, a Score of 1, a Constraint of “No Constraint.”, an Up Effect of “Set your Home to any Village, Town or City.” and a Down Effect of “Set your Home to any Ruin.”

Variant reproposal of Derrick’s original “Location”, with some ways to move.



23-06-2018 18:16:19 UTC

nicely thought through.  for

derrick: he/him

23-06-2018 20:29:30 UTC


Huh. The Wilderness is a Community. This could be interesting.

Brendan: he/him

23-06-2018 21:12:30 UTC



24-06-2018 05:46:57 UTC



24-06-2018 23:22:47 UTC