Friday, July 15, 2011

Proposal: Toxic dumping

Adminned at 17 Jul 2011 13:24:01 UTC

Add the following to the end of the description of the Acid Barrel in the rule entitled Weapons:

Whenever a Gladiator dies in an Acid Pool, the Gladiator who created that pool using an Acid Barrel gains 1 Frag.

Times out and passes 7-3 (HKoD went idle after voting). -Bucky



07-15-2011 08:09:08 UTC

imperial I’m not sure. One one hand, it’s fair to give some reward for a well placed pool. On the other, it seems like anyone who gets a pool is going to get loads of kills easily because they’re so easy for anyone to use.

Josh: HE/HIM

07-15-2011 08:29:46 UTC

Subject of another future proposal: a tool for allowing acid pools to be filled in.


07-15-2011 08:31:57 UTC

I second Josh. Right now, a pool created stays in existence forever. Thus:  against


07-15-2011 08:51:13 UTC

Rule 2.3.1 “If a Temporary Acid Pool would be created and there are already two or more other Temporary Acid Pools, the oldest one is removed before the new one is created.”


07-15-2011 09:01:23 UTC

Oh. Ahem. Well. OK! :-)  imperial


07-15-2011 09:27:49 UTC



07-15-2011 10:01:06 UTC

against  Too many Frags for too little effort.


07-15-2011 11:03:46 UTC

for Even if maybe a condition like “Whenever a Gladiator dies in an Acid Pool created in one of the last two turns, the Gladiator who created that pool using an Acid Barrel gains 1 Frag.”


07-15-2011 14:58:00 UTC

against Someone who places an acid pool should not get frags for other people’s kills.

Prince Anduril:

07-15-2011 16:22:02 UTC

for But then what’s the point of using acid barrels? Surely we all want to win, and so we do not want to do anything which would make it more likely for other players to gain frags. It makes getting a frag very difficult (but not impossible) for players with acid barrels, and thus discourages their use. I do feel that weapons should be good and worth using, otherwise there’s no point having them in the game.


07-15-2011 17:38:33 UTC

for In favor for creating well placed pools. However, pools should not be permanent.


07-15-2011 17:50:58 UTC

They aren’t.


07-15-2011 18:09:40 UTC



07-16-2011 02:00:20 UTC

against this disregards the corner pools


07-16-2011 06:30:03 UTC

CoV against Nice point, Doc. It should include the word “Temporary”, otherwise some might argue the admin who enacted the rule that created the permanent pools get all the frags for those.

Josh: HE/HIM

07-16-2011 09:15:15 UTC

@Doctor / mideg - the proposal specifies that the Acid Pool has to have been created using an Acid Barrel.


07-16-2011 10:58:34 UTC

Hm, true. Didn’t see that.  imperial