Thursday, November 30, 2017

Story Post: [Trade] Axecuddles of Mabarobeams

I want to trade 1 Fire shard with Axemabaro, in exchange for 1 Void shard.



11-30-2017 14:32:37 UTC

I see where this is going….


11-30-2017 14:39:38 UTC



11-30-2017 14:43:21 UTC

Hard to say what happens now lol, since Axe has no Void shards.


11-30-2017 14:50:35 UTC

From my reading of the rule the trade post will be annulled after two days, so even if Axe has accepted early he still has two days to get a shard and swap.


11-30-2017 14:57:40 UTC

“If within 2 days the named Tesser has accepted, indicated by commenting “SOLD” in the relevant post, the Tessers swap ownership of the detailed items.” I’m fairly certain that “within” just means that the trade post stays open for 2 days


11-30-2017 15:00:55 UTC

I see what you mean. Technically, since no delay is given between the acceptance of the trade and the swap, that would mean either it is implicit that the trade is immediate, or that it can happen anytime in the future.


11-30-2017 15:02:03 UTC

I would opt for the first version and say that the trade simply cannot happen, and you’ll have to post one again.