Sunday, October 20, 2019

Proposal: Trade edgy of the Come mans

Reaches quorum, 4-(1+1). Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 22 Oct 2019 03:08:53 UTC

If the proposal “Plugging spam” passed, then:

create a new rule called “End of the World!” with:

If the MGTA is above 3000, and no EM has achieved victory, then the EM named pokes has achieved victory.

Compromise between “none of the players winning” and “someone winning”. The only someone who isn’t a normal player is pokes.



20-10-2019 20:29:03 UTC

Isn’t pokes the UNSG rather than an EM? Otherwise for

Kevan: he/him

20-10-2019 21:04:34 UTC

against Pokes took the option to switch off the Dynastic Distance rule upon ascension. The UNSG can’t declare victory, though, and achieving it doesn’t block others from achieving it, so I can’t see that this does anything.


20-10-2019 22:02:59 UTC

imperial I love the idea of an “everybody loses” condition if we could work it in somehow. (A FOR might be too opportunistic on my part though.)


21-10-2019 03:02:51 UTC

I’m somewhat for the general idea, (although I’m concerned it won’t amount to much in a zero sum game,) but I think we should work it into something that does something.

Rules that do nothing at first are sort of a specialty for Nomics, neh? for


21-10-2019 15:45:12 UTC

I agree with the concept of a nobody wins scenario, very thematic!


22-10-2019 03:07:03 UTC

for (to make the DEF less ambiguous since I don’t want to think right now about how imperial defs interact with teleportation)