Thursday, March 28, 2013

Story Post: Trade Rates: Andromeda

Would it be too forward of me to suggest that we may have the start of an economy here? In any event, the following rates are now in effect:

  • I will buy 1 Gold or 1 Aluminum for 4.5 Credits.
  • I will buy 1 non-Weapon Resource for 4 Credits.
  • I will sell 1 Dilithium or 1 Tritanium for 5.5 Credits. However, I will not sell Dilithium or Tritanium if the transaction would cause my supply of either Resource to fall to 0.
  • I will sell 1 Weapon for 1 Resource.
  • The Refueling Fee is 1 Gold or 2 non-Weapon Resources.
  • The Fine for attacking is 10 Gold.


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