Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Proposal: Trading Post

Timed Out. Passes 9-1-1—Clucky

Adminned at 02 Oct 2021 03:09:58 UTC

Add the following to the end of the first paragraph of the rule Floors:

Each floor may contain items. The list of items on a given floor is publicly tracked and is known as its contents.

In the rule Supply Requisitions, replace this sentence:

A Citizen may remove any item from their Inventory at any time.

With this paragraph:

A Citizen may destroy an item by removing it from their inventory at any time. A Citizen may drop an item by removing it from their inventory and adding it to the contents of the floor they currently occupy. Likewise, a Citizen may pick up an item from the floor they are currently on by removing it from that floor’s contents and adding it to their inventory.

Add a subrule to Supply Requisitions titled Trading Post:

A Citizen may trade items with another Citizen by making a Story Post with the prefix “Trade Offer:” which unambiguously specifies the items they would like to offer, another Citizen to act as a trade partner, and the items they would like to receive from that Citizen.

At any point while the offer is valid, the trade partner may accept the offer by making a comment on the post with a FOR voting icon, at which point either Citizen must update both Citizens’ inventories to reflect the item transfer.

A trade offer is considered valid only if all of the following are true:
* Both the offering Citizen and the trade partner have the required items in their inventory.
* The offering player and the trade partner are on the same floor.
* Neither of the involved Citizens have left a comment on the Trade Offer which includes an AGAINST voting icon.



Trapdoorspyder: he/him

29-09-2021 21:48:22 UTC

Seems good to me, but since it’s still in the edit period the first section of text needs to have an “its” not “it’s”. Not sure if it has a major affect on interpretation but better to be safe than sorry. If it doesn’t get fixed though I won’t vote against based just on that.

Zack: he/him

29-09-2021 21:59:24 UTC

Fixed, thanks.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

30-09-2021 04:23:03 UTC

for No problem. I hate to be ‘that guy’ though.


30-09-2021 06:57:15 UTC


Kevan: he/him

30-09-2021 08:24:48 UTC


Josh: he/they

30-09-2021 10:00:08 UTC


Brendan: he/him

30-09-2021 14:50:46 UTC

imperial I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dynasty where this type of mechanic worked well for anything besides scams. Also, a little confusing that item destruction is an at-any-time action but dropping/picking up have no stated frequency.

Raven1207: he/they

30-09-2021 15:29:42 UTC


Snisbo: she/they

30-09-2021 15:40:14 UTC


redtara: they/them

30-09-2021 17:16:52 UTC

against Inventories are messy

Zack: he/him

30-09-2021 19:30:55 UTC

[redtara] Items and Inventories are already implemented by Supply Requisitions. This just makes it so we can pass items to each other.

[Brendan] You’re right, but I think omitting the “at any time” from dropping/picking up is semantics because it’s implied you can do either as long as it’s possible. Destroying an item is always possible, but dropping or picking up an item could potentially not always be possible.

Zack: he/him

30-09-2021 19:51:16 UTC

Or maybe I’m overthinking it but I still think the “at any time” part is implied anyway.

Clucky: he/him

01-10-2021 00:23:23 UTC


Chiiika: she/her

01-10-2021 12:29:23 UTC


Kevan: he/him

01-10-2021 17:13:07 UTC

(Noting that this is currently stuck at 7-1 because Brendan’s DEF vote is cancelling out Josh’s and Cuddlebeam’s FORs.)

Zack: he/him

01-10-2021 17:30:08 UTC

[Kevan] Brendan’s def vote is invalid though because of Imperial Deferentials. Does an invalid vote still cancel other valid votes?

Kevan: he/him

01-10-2021 17:35:57 UTC

It’s not explicitly an invalid vote, it’s just not a “valid Vote”. (I don’t know why one line of Core explicitly defines FOR and AGAINST as the “valid” votes.)

I’m assuming Brendan’s DEF is considered a cast vote per the Core line of “If a Citizen other than the Drone casts a vote of DEFERENTIAL…” - so Household Unit’s “While the votes cast on a proposal by a set of Floormates are not the same” would be able to see it, by the same token.


02-10-2021 03:08:50 UTC