Thursday, December 14, 2017

Proposal: Treasure Hunt

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan. Quorum remains 4.

Adminned at 16 Dec 2017 12:08:23 UTC

If the Director doesn’t vote FOR this proposal, it has no effect.

Add a rule called “Cranky Grasstooth” with:

Cranky Grasstooth is an old and senile Failed Experiment from long ago which has taken residence in the forest near the lab. He knows about certain “Treasures” which are throughout the world, ones which, according to him, hold great “Magic”. However, he doesn’t remember too well all of the details - but his ramblings can provide valuable insight as to where they might be. As a Weekly Action, the Director shall post a Story post which details ramblings from Cranky Grasstooth (or some other story input), providing cryptic clues as to where the Treasures may be.

The Treasures are the following:

- Killer Tube: A weird metal contraption which makes a very loud noise when you pull on a little lever on it. At-will, it’s possessor can reduce the HP of any Failed Experiment to 1. Can be only used once.
- Energy Berries: A bunch of small, white berries which make you feel very very “awake” when you eat them. Can be used by its possessor to set their HP and Max HP to 50, but after 168 hours (7 days), their HP is set to 0 and their Max HP is returned to its previous value. Can be only used once.
-Wishing Brick: A plastic brick with buttons on it. Can be used by its possessor to reduce the Hunger of each member their group to zero by making a Story Post which details how they utter their request to the deity “Pizza Hut”. Can only be used once.

Each Treasure is hidden at a certain Distance value, which is determined by the Director in a timely fashion after this ruletext is added to the ruleset.

As a Weekly action and by increasing their Suspicion by 10 and making a Story post to this purpose, a Failed Experiment can Search their current Distance value. The Director shall then reply to such a post with a comment that contains the string “Success” or “Failure”, depending on if there was a Treasure at that Distance or not. If noted to be successful by the Director in this way, the Failed Experiment acquires the Treasure which was hidden there.



14-12-2017 15:31:19 UTC

arrow  for


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Kevan: Oracle he/him

15-12-2017 16:28:17 UTC

for Some fine treasures here. Cranky probably shouldn’t count towards quorum, be tracked in the GNDT, etc, though.