Wednesday, July 02, 2008

trivial word placement

Rewrite the first sentence in the rule “Space Grinder” so that it reads,

The DDA Commander must never add a rule without lemurs in the wording.

The current wording makes no sense. I’ll let you guys read it and tell me if it makes sense as its currently written.



07-03-2008 02:36:15 UTC

This is not a proposal.  Even if it was, I would say against  simply because the Space Girder rule was never supposed to make sense.  In the Schitzophrenia (I hope I spelled that right) Dynasty, they had “Proposals must alter other proposals.”  I think this is tame compared to that.


07-03-2008 02:53:17 UTC

Notice that the rule referred to is Space Grinder, not Space Girder.


07-03-2008 04:31:41 UTC

well crud on both sides. thats what i get for having to pull an all nighter to deal with stuff. srry bout that guys