Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ascension Address: Troubled Times

Years of violence have left the kingdom in ruins and the throne empty. Word has spread quickly around the kingdom and rumors are abound as to who is going to come forward as the new leader of our fair land. Recently your two families have come forward to as the main proponents for the throne. Each family holds key positions in the council and each has a small army at their command. For months both sides have worked tirelessly in the council sessions and on the battlefield to gain the leverage to take power once and for all.
On both sides the members of each house fight among themselves on who will take the throne if their family wins. This struggle prevents either side from truly reaching their full potential and preventing a unified front against the other family. Will one of you unify the powers that be and claim the throne? Will we settle this will a democratic election? Who knows?

Rename “captain” to “Noble” and “Potentate” to “Arbiter”


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